Lyft's $299/month All-Access service rolls out: Here's how it works


Enlarge Image As with everything in life make sure you read all the fine print before signing up. Sarah Tew CNET

At least not on a comparably wide scale, as Uber ride passes are still in testing and available to only a limited number of users each month, while the Lyft All-Access Plan is coming to "everyone in the USA by the end of the week".

Lyft is rolling out a new monthly subscription plan for riders in all markets starting Tuesday. All ride types are supported, but there is no rollover, so if you don't use all 30 in a single month, the remainder will disappear. If the cost of a ride exceeds $15, customers must pay the difference.

So how far will a $15 Lyft ride get you? To get a sense for just that, we calculated a handful of shared $15 rides to Facebook's South Lake Union offices on Dexter Ave, the second most popular shared Lyft destination for Seattleites, behind Sea-Tac airport.

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The 30 rides are dolled out on a monthly basis.

The subscription plan was announced days after Lyft launched a "Ditch Your Car" challenge in 35 cities, essentially asking selected volunteers to commit to one month using $550 in Lyft credit for transportation instead of their cars.

The fine print includes 5 percent off additional rides beyond the 30 in the subscription and the plan's rides does not roll over to the next month.

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Lyft has become the latest company to be bitten by the subscription bug.

So do average Seattleites use Lyft enough to justify the price tag? But if you're more of a casual user, you may want to continue your pay-as-you-go habits until further notice.

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