Black Ops 4 breaks Activision and PSN Day one digital sales records

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Hands On 3

Treyarch are working on a fix for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's emote peeking

Over the weekend, though, Black Ops 4 players found the game's new gesture system had the unintended side effect of breaking this balance, letting players easily and safely see around cover from a third-person perspective. The shooter has set a new digital launch day record as the "biggest day one release" in the company's storied history, smashing the previous record held by Call of Duty WWII. Perhaps more impressively it also set a new PlayStation record for day one digital full game sales on PlayStation Store, globally.

Activision continued by confirming that Black Ops 4's day one digital sales broke the publisher's records across all major platforms, too. The developer said that Black Ops 4, which was officially released worldwide on October 12, surpassed the mark set by WWII a year ago.

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"Black Ops 4 is an incredible game, and the community's response to it has been awesome". But again, if Black Ops 4 can continue to engage players online like it's doing right now then Activision is probably more than happy.

"Digital downloads of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are based on unit sell-through on the first day of availability worldwide".

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We're aware that players have been able to use Gestures (often referred to by the community as "Emotes") to peek around corners in modes where that can create an unfair advantage. According to GI.Biz, UK launch day sales of the physical, boxed game are down 50% from the last game - which is the lowest physical sales tally in 11 years. Specific sales numbers aren't known at this time, however. Sufficed to say, a TON of players are leaping into Treyarch's latest blend of futurism and boots-on-the-ground gameplay, and in fairness, it's the tightest Call of Duty to date.

Black Ops 4 first weekend boxed sales in the United Kingdom were down 50 per cent compared to last year's Call of Duty: WWII, and down 59 per cent compared to Black Ops 3.

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