South Park brutally trolled The Simpsons in its latest episode

1998 'Kenny', 'Cartman', 'Kyle', and 'Stan' are the characters in the hit series 'South Park.'


Just three episodes into its new season, South Park has already taken shots at Black Panther, the Catholic Church, school shootings, Brett Kavanaugh, Roseanne Barr, and several others, including its long-time animated rival, The Simpsons.

A quick recap: a year ago, Indian-American comedian Hari Kondabolu released the documentary The Problem With Apu, which addressed the stereotyped way South Asians are portrayed in American movies and TV. The episode-long gag was that the "The Simpsons" had used every possible plot device. After a series of Roseanne Barr-inspired tweets, and a Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Hankey is driven out of South Park.

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Mr. Hankey was indeed subject to a weird hearing that amusingly aped some of the more notable moments from Kavanaugh's recent testimony regarding claims of sexual assault, but with another timely twist: Mr. Hankey had been fired from directing the annual holiday pageant after a series of "offensive tweets" from his past resurfaced. As they watch him leave, one of the boys asks, "Where will he go?" Randy replied, "He'll have to find a place that accepts racist, terrible beings like him. There are still places out there who don't care about bigotry and hate".

The episode centered around Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, a talking turd in a Santa hat that first appeared in a Christmas-themed episode in 1997.

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The writing as on the wall for this to be addressed, though very few actually caught it beforehand. The documentary that really brought the issues with The Simpsons' portrayal of Apu was aptly titled "The Problem With Apu".

On the new episode "The Problem With A Poo", which aired on Wednesday evening, South Park addressed the recent controversy over Apu.

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South Park has always had a grudging respect for The Simpsons.

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