Flu Shot Myths That Need To Be Debunked ASAP

The Big Number: Millions of flu vaccines will be offered this season

Flu season on the horizon

Most people believe the flu shot will not help them, but you can still catch the flu, regardless of getting a vaccination.

"It's important to get the flu vaccine as soon as it's available in the community", said Dr. Rehm.

"Last winter was the worst flu season in a decade and this, along with extreme weather conditions and high levels of norovirus, resulted in health services locally and across the whole of England coming under significant additional pressure".

This year, the government is doing something a bit different than years past and will be offering every Ontario resident six months of age and older, including pregnant women, a quadrivalent flu vaccine which is broad protection.

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Over the years, you've probably heard plenty of people declare their reasons for skipping the flu shot.

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The flu vaccine is a preventive measure for people with other chronic illnesses, such as cardiac, diabetes and lung diseases.

The CDC continues to encourage people to get vaccinated throughout the flu season, which can begin as early as October and last as late as May.

How does the vaccine work, exactly?

Only about one in three upstate NY adults receives an annual flu vaccine, according to a review of NY state health data by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

New data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that while influenza vaccination coverage among health care personnel in the United States remained higher than the national average for 2017-2018, it still fell below target goals. People now have the option of getting the nasal spray vaccine this season instead of a needle.

"Even if it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, it can prevent you from getting really sick from it to the point of hospitalization or death", Paules said.

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"Indigenous people are on the list of high-risk folks because they tend to be hit harder by the influenza virus", Bhardwaj said.

The flu shot takes about two weeks to take full protective effect. In Buncombe County, an elderly person reportedly died from the flu, while a 29-year-old lawyer from Benson died a week ago of a cardiac event following complications from the flu. An average of 200 thousand people will be hospitalized from the flu every year.

According to CDC officials, while the last flu season was one of the deadliest in the history, vaccinations helped to cut risks for over 40 percent.

Your immune system may be strong enough to protect you from experiencing flu symptoms, but what about your grandparents, your baby nephew, or your friend with a weakened immune system? Why is the flu shot so important that it could be mentioned in the same breath as the American Revolution?

Dr. Rehm said unfortunately, there is no way to accurately predict what kind of season it will be this year, but experts are hoping that it will be milder than last year. "Contact your GP, pharmacist or midwife to the get the flu jab".

Hilderman adds it is a myth the flu vaccine will give you the flu. "The flu isn't going anywhere so we need to make an effort to get immunized and stay protected".

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