U.S. begins denying visas for same-sex domestic partners of diplomats

APPresident Donald Trump waves to the crowd as he leaves a rally Monday Oct. 1 2018 in Johnson City Tenn

APPresident Donald Trump waves to the crowd as he leaves a rally Monday Oct. 1 2018 in Johnson City Tenn

The Trump administration has started denying visas to the partners of same-sex diplomats unless they are married.

The new policy only allows entry into the United States if the partners are legally married.

In an insulting turn, the government is using the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage against the very people it's supposed to benefit, claiming that their new ruling is based on "equality" for both straight and queer diplomats. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert declined to address the policy at her regular briefing with reporters Tuesday.

This presents a variety of problems, especially for diplomats who hail from countries where same-sex marriage and homosexuality is illegal, unnecessarily jeopardizing their safety.

If foreign diplomats in America decide to marry their same sex partner while in the United States, they could face persecution once they return to their native country.

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She noted that only 12 percent of United Nations member states allowed same-sex marriages.

The requirement has become controversial, though, because it creates hardships for couples from countries that do not allow same sex couples to marry. Foreign same-sex partners who wish to remain in the US are advised to submit proof of marriage to the State Department by December 31, 2018, or expect to leave the USA within 30 days of that deadline.

But the Human Rights Campaign also noted that getting married in the USA still poses dangers back at home for many foreigners.

"This will have an insidious impact on same-sex couples from countries that ban same-sex marriage or only offer civil unions", the group's deputy United Nations director, Akshaya Kumar, wrote.

Yet that exception was not offered to United Nations officials. Gay marriage is only legal in about 10 percent of the countries in the United Nations.

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"With this change, the State Department is enforcing parity in the way they recognize opposite-sex partnerships and same-sex partnerships", U.N. Globe said in a statement.

Officials, however, say they "will put processes in place" for supporting unmarried partners, pledging to consider situations on a case-by-case basis.

In yet another example of media bias against President Donald Trump, USA Today is trying to paint the administration as anti-gay for halting visas for same-sex partners of US diplomats and United Nations employees.

"It is not meant to be an attack".

Since 2009, UN staff working in the United States have brought their partners into the country without showing a marriage license.

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Explanations such as these have failed to persuade the Human Rights Council, which called the policy change "unnecessary, mean-spirited, and unacceptable".

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