Massive 1,000ft spider web appeared overnight in Greece

A lagoon in western Greece is covered in a 1,000-foot spider web as mating season hits the island of Aitoliko

In pictures: Eerie spiderweb covers entire shoreline in Greece

This isn't an ordinary spider web, not even a very large one - it covers green landscape in a think blanket of webbing, giving a creepy wake-like appearance.

Warmer weather conditions in Greece have led to a unique 300-metre long spider-web covering a beach in Aitoliko, Acarnania.

Greek local and photographer Giannis Giannakopoulos captured stunning photographs and a video of the webs.

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An increase in the mosquito population is also thought to have contributed to a large number of spiders in the region.

They are often known as stretch spiders, as they have elongated bodies - and in another worrying development for those who fear spiders - Tetragnatha extensa are small enough and light enough to be able to run across water faster than they can move on land.

"These spiders are not unsafe for humans and will not cause any damage to the area's flora", she told Greek outlet Newsit.

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She also said that the spiders are not a danger to humans, and will not cause any damage to the vegetation. Though those with phobias may find the sudden presence frightening, experts say these spiders aren't unsafe to humans and were likely just taking advantage of favorable mating conditions.

They are known to build webs near watery habitats such as the lagoon - creating mating dens.

Sadly, the eight-legged architects will soon die off, leaving the web to degrade naturally.

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