Reality TV dating show doctor, woman charged with California drug rapes

Reality TV dating show doctor, woman charged with California drug rapes

Reality TV dating show doctor, woman charged with California drug rapes

Prosecutors told the BBC "thousands and thousands" of videos of potential victims were on the defendants' phones.

Those videos were recovered this year by Newport Beach detectives.

The district attorney showed reporters video of Robicheaux from a now-cancelled Bravo TV show called Online Dating Rituals of the American Male in an episode titled Three's A Crowd.

Grant William Robicheaux, 38, and Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, are accused of taking a 32-year-old woman they met at a Newport Beach restaurant to a party, then "escorting her to Robicheaux's apartment once she was intoxicated", where they drugged and raped her, said Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

Attorneys for the defendants did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but previously released a statement to multiple media outlets saying the defendants "unequivocally deny" all allegations of nonconsensual sex. So far, Robicheaux faces 40 years in state prison if convicted on all charges, and Riley faces more than 30 years.

Anyone with information about other possible victims can contact police by calling 714-347-8794.

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"Horrifying, I know", Michelle Van Der Linden, spokesperson for the district attorney's office, told NPR.

Rackauckas said victims should not be ashamed. Numerous videos also included Riley, he said.

The clips, the officials said, show women who "appear to be highly intoxicated beyond the ability to consent or resist, and they're barely responsive to the defendant's sexual advances". She was reportedly able to regain consciousness and scream for help.

The couple are charged with two assaults that occurred in 2016. But once inside, prosecutors allege, they plied her with piles of drugs and then raped and orally copulated her.

Avid festival-goers, Robicheaux and Riley, were finally arrested last Wednesday after local police submitted a request to the DA on September 6. In the first incident, which took place on April 10, 2016, the suspects met the victim at a Newport Beach party and took her back to Robicheaux's apartment once she was intoxicated.

The pair allegedly gave the victim multiple drugs and then sexually assaulted her while she was incapable of resisting. The second victim reportedly woke up during the assault screaming, prompting a neighbor to call the police and begin an investigation.

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On Jan. 9, 2018, police searched Robicheaux's apartment and found "large quantities of illegal drugs" - described by Rackauckas as ecstasy, date-rape drugs and cocaine - and two "illegal, unregistered assault rifles", along with four other firearms and some large-capacity magazines, prosecutors said.

Authorities said they had received dozens of leads in the probe, just hours after a press conference was held to try to encourage other women to come forward.

Authorities suspect there are additional victims in the case. Riley's number was unlisted, and she was otherwise unable to be reached.

The couple are also believed to have frequented festivals such as Burning Man going back to 2015.

"[Victims] may feel there's no crime to report because they normally drank alcohol or consumed substances with the defendants", Rackauckas said. Prosecutors say that same charm and clean-cut appearance allowed the orthopedic surgeon to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. "We tend to trust doctors, who've taken oath to do no harm".

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