Soon-Yi Previn addresses Woody Allen abuse allegations for the first time

Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn

Woody Allen and Soon Yi Previn. Alberto Pizzoli AFP Getty Images

Soon-Yi was adopted in 1978 when Farrow and André Previn were still married. Farrow also made a statement included in the profile itself, denying Previn's accusation that their mother "pushed" or otherwise coached her to accuse Allen of sexual abuse, calling the claim "offensive".

In a feature for New York Magazine and published online by Vulture, Soon-Yi Previn talks about her life under her adoptive mother, Mia Farrow; her interpretation of the events surrounding Allen's alleged molestation of Dylan Farrow; and her affair with and eventual marriage to the man who dated her mother for 12 years. In the story, 47-year-old Previn said she feels her adoptive mother Mia Farrow has been using the #MeToo movement to smear Allen. Accusations and criticisms were continually levied by the Farrows, including Mia, Dylan, and Allen's journalist son Ronan (who was at the forefront of the #MeToo movement as one of the leaders of the various investigative reports about Harvey Weinstein). "And a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn't", Previn said in the article.

Previn goes on to describe the beginning of her relationship with Allen, noting that the two were consenting adults at the time - she was 21. "I think it would have been disgusting for her", Previn says.

"We didn't think of him as a father", Soon-Yi says about Allen, "and he didn't even have clothing at our house, not even a toothbrush".

Ronan Farrow defended his sister's accounts of abuse after Soon Yi Previn cast doubt on them
Ronan Farrow defended his sister’s accounts of abuse after Soon Yi Previn cast doubt on them. Gilbert Carrasquillo Getty Images

She said she hated Allen at first, because he was in a relationship with her mother and "I didn't understand why anyone could be with such a nasty, mean person".

"I was never interested in writing a 'Mommie Dearest, ' getting even with Mia - none of that", Previn told the magazine.

However in response to Soon-Yi's claims, Mia's children have clapped back hard on social media as they defended their mother against the allegations. We chatted about it, and I must have been impressive because he kissed me and I think that started it.

"When she came home, she asked me about it, and I - survival instinct - denied it. Mia always valued intelligence and also looks, blond hair and blue eyes", she said.

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"Of course, she slapped me, you know the way of things", Previn claimed.

She details being called stupid by her mother, being treated as a domestic, and practically raising her siblings. "But what's happened to Woody is so upsetting, so unjust".

She also gives her perspective on her decades-old relationship with Allen, painting their encounters as a furtive story of budding love which Mia angrily resisted with verbal and physical abuse. "I thought he must be the same way", Previn claimed.

In separate statements posted on Twitter, Dylan Farrow and her brother Ronan Farrow, the journalist who has written a series of Me Too stories including an exposé of Harvey Weinstein for which he jointly won the Pulitzer prize, say their mother is a good parent and that the NY magazine article is inaccurate and unfair.

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Just hours after the profile's publication, Dylan posted a strong statement via Twitter defending her mother and blasting the magazine for pushing falsehoods.

Ronan's statement blasted New York Magazine for allowing a friend of Allen's to write the piece and for the "lack of care for the facts" and "the refusal to include eyewitness testimony that would contradicts falsehoods".

He added: 'Survivors of abuse deserve better'. He echoed Soon-Yi's allegations of abuse against their mother, telling Vulture that her mothering was allegedly a "total breakdown of your spirit, to ensure that you would do what she wanted you to do". I'm a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia.

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