Mark Burnett, Tom Arnold brawl at party

Mark Burnett, Tom Arnold brawl at party

Mark Burnett, Tom Arnold brawl at party

Arnold took to Twitter after the incident, claiming that Burnett "went apeshit" and tried to "choke" him.

Arnold went to the West L.A. division of the LAPD on Monday morning and made a report for battery, said LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera.

Burnett's wife, Roma Downey, later posted a picture that she said showed a bruise on her left hand from the confrontation.

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- Matthew Belloni (@THRMattBelloni) September 17, 2018Mark Burnett doesn't seem too thrilled about my new tv show.

Arnold responded to Downey accusing her of lying about the incident. "I'm filing police report & suing you for defamation". Things have been tense between Arnold and Burnett ever since Arnold's allegation that there are tapes from Donald Trump's show The Apprentice, of which Burnett was an executive producer, that prove Trump is a bigot.

Burnett was the head man on The Apprentice for its entire NBC run with Trump, and the reality TV exec reportedly likes The Donald quite a bit.

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Arnold friend and comedian Patton Oswalt posted a photo of them together after the alleged encounter.

Arnold has been focused on Burnett, who is behind successful series such as "Shark Tank" and "The Bible". The president also reportedly uses the N-word and "calls Eric [Trump] the R-word", Arnold told Jimmy Kimmel. "I'd like him to stand up and say, 'actually, we had to cut out all the lies and sexual harassment and the insanity and the incompetence, we had to cut all that out.' That's the tape I want".

LOS ANGELES-A scuffle between Tom Arnold and a producer of The Apprentice has led to an exchange on social media.

Australian strawberries sabotaged with needles
Authorities are continuing to liaise with retailers to ensure that all stock from the affected date have been removed from sale. The needles in strawberry crisis has taken a sinister turn, with authorities suggesting there may now be copycat incidents. has contacted representatives of both Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett for comment. Arnold also has said he won't stop digging until the president quits - and that he "doesn't give a sh*t" about the 40 percent of Americans still standing by him. #TheHuntForTheTrumpTapes Starts Tuesday 10:30p @VICELAND & we do a Mark Burnett/Apprentice episode the first night.

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