Canadian Cannabis Users, Workers Could Face Lifetime US Ban

Canadian Cannabis Users, Workers Could Face Lifetime US Ban

Canadian Cannabis Users, Workers Could Face Lifetime US Ban

According to a senior official overseeing US border operations, the US Customs and Border Protection agency will continue to apply long-standing American federal laws and regulations that treat cannabis as a banned substance, and will treat participants in the cannabis industry as drug traffickers, both of whom are inadmissible into the country.

Todd Owen, executive assistant commissioner for the CBP's Office of Field Operations, said Canadians can be denied entry and permanently banned from visiting the US for working or investing in marijuana, even once federally legal recreational weed sales begin north of the border next month, Politico Thursday. But what U.S. federal authorities must categorize as an illegal commerce is additionally a thriving industry, and thousands of Canadians hold hashish shares on the Toronto Inventory Change.

It has been legalized in nine USA states and Washington, D.C., but remains illegal at a federal level.

"Officials from the United States have said that they do not plan on changing their questions at primary inspection after cannabis is legalized in Canada". "They have legalized marijuana in a number of their states and we're trying to make sure that travel between our two countries is not disrupted", Trudeau told CBC Manitoba. She agreed they can be lawfully turned away at the border and banned for life.

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Owen said that travelers are typically allowed the opportunity for a "voluntary withdraw" from a border crossing but noted records are kept whether a traveler enters the US or not and such a traveler will not be able to return to the U.S. "And I certainly won't work to assume or impress upon the United States who they have to let in or not", Trudeau said at a CBC radio station in Manitoba earlier this week.

He added that rather than lie at the border it is better to not respond to the questions. This decision will doom many youth before they even get started in life and careers.

"I would not be crossing the border until I am safely out of that company", he said.

It could create problems for workers or executives if border officials ask them straightforward questions about their occupations.

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USA border officials aren't planning to ask a lot of questions to out recreational marijuana users.

Because of that, U.S. Immigration Attorney Len Saunders says people working in Canada's pot industry could face challenges.

Although you may not be denied entry simply for having a job that's legal in Canada, marijuana executives who work with US companies may be seen as being engaged in criminal activity, Chang said.

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