Trump Never Called for Syrian President's Assassination, Pentagon Says

Chip Somodevilla  Getty Images North America

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images North America

"You have millions and millions of Americans who voted for this", he said, adding that the Justice Department should investigate the author.

Yet the recording accomplishes a few things. Yet it seems that like-minded people have joined the administration to resist Trump from within the White House. Counselor Kellyanne Conway hops on the phone to say that the request was turned down.

The suggestion that work continues apace inside the administration was belied by Trump himself, who spent much of the morning tweeting angrily about journalist Bob Woodward, whose book detailing dysfunction among Trump aides is released on Tuesday.

"This book does not accurately portray my experience at the White House", Cohn told Axios in a statement. A new book says Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to have dinner with Donald Trump there last June.

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What about that stolen document, Gary? I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president. Porter, who exited the White House after allegations of domestic violence became public, says he was tasked with ensuring that "pros and cons were evaluated" on policy proposals and other decisions. He further claimed there were "whispers" in the cabinet of a concerted effort to remove President Trump from office by invoking the impairment clause of the 25th Amendment. "So I just did [a] poker face".

The obvious problem is that the people, who force Trump to live under a sword of Damocles due to Russian meddling in the 2016 election, are unable to protect US institutions or prevent the president from deriving power from crises.

Although the primary topic of this video has to do with the debate between getting information that's off the record or instead on deep background, the moment that strikes perhaps hardest is that Woodward found the current iteration of the White House "shocking". Woodward also writes that Trump refused to send any additional aid.

When Colbert brought up the fact that some people in the Trump administration were portrayed as types of heroes, Woodward replied, "You get to know these people, and you realize they're speaking from conscience, because they are anxious about Trump doing things".

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"'It is mostly anonymous sources in here, why should anyone trust you?" His method isn't to quote some unnamed official calling some politicians bad names; it's to substantiate events at the highest levels of the US government by corralling as many witnesses as he can find, generally on deep background.

"The Woodward book is a Joke - just another assault against me, in a barrage of assaults, using now disproven unnamed and anonymous sources".

"I believe the New York Times made it up". During the lengthy interview, Colbert asked what in Woodward's research gave him the most fear? He said, 'Come on in, ' and I stayed for a couple of hours.

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