Bernie Sanders targets Amazon, Walmart with 100% tax

Bernie Sanders targets Amazon, Walmart with 100% tax

Bernie Sanders targets Amazon, Walmart with 100% tax

The only publicly-traded US company valued higher is Apple, with a market cap of $1.1 trillion. Dorsey also went before the House Energy and Commerce committee as well.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is taking his criticism of Jeff Bezos and Amazon to Congress. One reason has been that job-rich areas also contain too-expensive housing, but there are other factors in play. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill Wednesday that would tax companies like Amazon and Walmart for the amount of money their employees receive in federal benefits.

"Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the wealthiest person on earth", Sanders said in a statement.

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Because of low wages, taxpayers must shell out $150 billion a year on government assistance that workers wouldn't have to tap if their pay was better, Sanders said, citing a study from the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center. The requirement would apply to any company with more than 500 workers. It said that Sanders' references to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients are misleading, because they include people who only worked for Amazon for a short period of time and/or chose to work part-time - both of these groups would qualify for federal assistance.

The act proposes a tax on large corporations, such as Amazon, Walmart, and American Airlines, which would force them to pay the same in taxes that their low-wage employees receive in federal benefits to make ends meet.

Bernstein's second concern is that the bill could encourage what he called "statistical discrimination", or employers actively avoiding hiring people they suspect could be on federal assistance.

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The proposal by the socialist who came within an ace of being the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee would tax employers one dollar for every dollar that their employees take in food stamp, health-care and other welfare benefits. Sanders' bill isn't likely to progress in the current political climate but it does bring added attention to warehouse worker conditions, which have come under scrutiny in recent months.

"There was a point where I would find myself crying on my shift", Seth King, who served eight years in the Navy, says in a July video about his experiences in a fulfillment center.

Amazon this week became the second US company, along with Apple, with a market value exceeding $1 trillion.

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When asked what she thought of the press releases, Student Veterans of Xavier President Samantha Estes said "I think it's very important to have regulations on companies like that (Amazon)..."

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