Join organ donor register - and save lives in Wigan

Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show there were around 3,000 lifesaving transplants that didn't go ahead past year, because families refused to let their loved ones' organs be donated.

In Maidstone, 10 people have died while on the waiting list in the past five years, and seven received a transplant in 2017.

Last year, 34 people in Wigan borough had their lives saved by a transplant, and a total of 254 across Greater Manchester.

Despite the fact more people are supporting donating their loved one's organs, there is still a crucial need for more people to support donation.

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NHS Blood and Transplant has encouraged those who join the register to discuss their decision with their families.

During Organ Donation Week, the NHS is urging families to talk about donation with the message - "Words Save Lives". Councils and organisations around the country are lighting prominent buildings pink, which is the colour of the modern donor card, in support of the crusade.

Gareth Evans, 45, from Stockport, has been on the list for more than nine years and is among 280 people waiting for a new heart.

Darren said: "I have gone past that stage where every time the phone rings I answer in hope that it could be the hospital letting me know they have a heart".

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"My life has been changed so dramatically, I've been able to live another four years".

Last year, transplants saved the lives of 120 people across the county, but NHS Blood and Transplant says more donors are needed.

"We don't want people to die because of a fatal complacency that because you know you want to be an organ donor you presume your loved ones know it too".

"Don't leave your family guessing what you would have wanted to happen".

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"We need more families in Kent to say yes to organ donation, so that more lives can be saved".

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