Jewish UK Labour lawmaker vows to see Corbyn ousted

Peter Nicholls  Reuters            
                    Labour MP Frank Field who has just resigned his party whip is seen on his way to Westminster

Peter Nicholls Reuters Labour MP Frank Field who has just resigned his party whip is seen on his way to Westminster

Sacks' intervention came on the same day that former Labour British Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged his party to adopt the internationally agreed definition of anti-Semitism in order to resolve the bitter row.

Sacks, an independent member of the United Kingdom parliament's upper house, said the opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, in particular, must "recant and repent" and said he risked engulfing the country "in the flames of hatred".

The election had been seen as a litmus test of whether Labour party members were serious about dealing with the issues.

The crossbench peer said: "Jews have been in Britain since 1656, I know of no other occasion in these 362 years when Jews - the majority of our community - are asking, 'Is this country safe to bring up our children?'". Might it mean that people can't criticise the state of Israel?' My interpretation is that clearly, we can. "A particular problem with the IHRA definition is that it is likely in practice to chill free speech", he wrote in an opinion. "Debate, of course, discussion, of course". The body has about 40 members, representing all parts of the party, including MPs, party members, trade union reps and local government.

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The Jewish Labour Movement has insisted that only the adoption of the full IHRA definition without any caveats or dilution will be accepted, saying that there is so little trust in the Labour Party by the Jewish community that any addendum or caveats will be viewed with extreme skepticism.

A statement from the campaign group said: "Recognising the groundswell of support from ordinary Labour members, Momentum would like to affirm its commitment to the creation of a more open, inclusive selection process which would open the door to a new generation of Labour MPs".

Labour's National Executive is expected to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) declaration on antisemitism after months of resistance when it meets this week, with Mr Corbyn's deputy John McDonnell pledging: "It will be resolved".

But some critics of Corbyn have said agreeing to the IHRA definition with all its examples will not be enough to end the row.

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Brown, prime minister between 2007 and 2010, said the issue touched at "the soul of the Labour Party".

In further criticism, former Labour leader Tony Blair blamed Mr Corbyn's "visceral anti-Western position" for the anti-Semitism engulfing the party. He has said he was using term Zionist in its "politically accurate sense".

Mr McDonnell said a repeat of the early 1980s, when a group of Labour MPs broke away and formed the SDP, would only cost Labour votes.

"I called him an antisemitic racist in July and everything that has emerged since has confirmed my belief that I was right", Hodge said, referring to a heated conversation she had with Corbyn about the definitions of anti-Semitism after the NEC approved guidelines which were criticized as being too weak.

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