Public Knowledge Welcomes California Open Internet Bill to Restore Net Neutrality Protections

California on Verge of Mandating 100% Renewable Energy by 2045					30 Aug 2018 Newport Beach CA

California on Verge of Mandating 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 30 Aug 2018 Newport Beach CA

"SB 822 brings back net neutrality to California and restores the important protections that the FCC voted to eliminate last December". Consumer groups, however, argued that the rules were vital to protect users at a time when internet providers are focused on buying up media companies and establishing Facebook-like businesses that mine user data for advertising purposes.

The 58-17 vote Thursday was surprisingly lopsided after the Assembly was seen as a potential barrier to the bill's passage. On Wednesday, the State Assembly passed a bill-the first of its kind in the US -that would require such companies to change that.

California passed a resolution in 2013 urging companies to add one to three female directors to their boards - a move followed by five other states - but fewer than 20 percent of Russell 3000 corporations had met the minimum number by the end of 2016. The court is already weighing whether to hear an unrelated lawsuit on net neutrality. They say it's unrealistic to expect them to comply with internet rules that vary across the country.

The measure, if signed by Gov. Jerry Brown after winning approval Thursday in the state Senate.

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If the measure passes both chambers of the Democrat-controlled state legislature it would still require approval from Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, who has not said if he would sign it into law.

After Pai was appointed by President Donald Trump past year to head the FCC, one of his first acts was a plan to roll back the Obama-era regulations. "President Trump didn't change the internet", said Melissa Melendez, a Republican from Lake Elsinore in Southern California.

Six Republicans joined almost all Democrats in supporting the legislation.

Santiago, who steered the bill through the Assembly, faced a flood of angry calls and online memes when a committee he leads briefly watered down the bill earlier this year.

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The bill's author, Sen.

The bill stops Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or "classes of applications", like video.

"This is about a level playing field and an Internet where we as individuals get to decide where we go on the Internet instead of being told by Internet service providers, or manipulated by Internet service providers, into going where they want us to go", Wiener told reporters. And it would make it illegal for carriers to exempt apps from consumers' monthly data caps if doing so could harm competing start-ups and small businesses in "abusive" ways.

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