Michael Cohen's Lawyer ADMITS He Was 'Source' Behind Trump Tower Story

Convicted Paul Manafort

Convicted Paul Manafort

The Manhattan district attorney's office is also considering state charges against the Trump Organization for its reimbursement to Cohen for his $130,000 payment to Daniels, the New York Times reported.

Davis, the attorney representing Cohen, made waves last week when he suggested the former Trump fixer was willing to tell special counsel Robert Mueller the president had prior knowledge about Russian Federation hacking emails from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in 2016.

"[Davis] went over his bounds", Akerman said.

He told BuzzFeed News that he "made a mistake" in being a source in the CNN story that reported Cohen claimed the president knew of that meeting in advance.

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"That's basically been the way that the Mueller team has worked", the prosecutor concluded, citing the lack of publicity from former Trump aides Michael Flynn and Richard Gates as another piece of proof. According to BuzzFeed News, Davis was the confirming source for all of that.

"I should have been more clear".

CNN's insistence on the story's accuracy appears to turn on a subtle point: The network's reporters faithfully reported what their sources, including Davis, told them at the time, making the story accurate in the moment.

The following day, The Washington Post reported that Cohen had told associates that he witnessed an exchange in which Trump Jr. told his father about an upcoming gathering in which he expected to get information about Clinton. Appearing before lawmakers as part of Congress's investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, a "source", told CNN that Cohen did not testify then-candidate Donald Trump was informed of the Trump Tower meeting ahead of time.

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"I think the reporting of the story got mixed up in the course of a criminal investigation. We were not the source of the story".

Lanny Davis (left) said he can not independently confirm what Cohen might tell investigators about when the president learned of Russian efforts to undermine the Clinton campaign.

But asked Saturday how confident he was that Trump knew about the hacking before it became public, Davis said: "I am not sure". They want to believe Trump knew about this meeting at Trump Tower, so they'll stand by the story even after their main source admits he lied to them.

Earlier on America's Newsroom, MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz said that he spoke with Davis on the phone, who said he regrets the mistake he made. And by the media's own standards, that means CNN is pushing fake news.

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