MA reports 3 human cases of West Nile virus

The city says officials continue to see more West Nile Virus positive mosquitos in traps in the city.

A spokesperson for the departments says they learned that the resident who had been hospitalized after contracting the virus has died from complications of the illness.

Northwest Montana continues with worst air quality in the state
By Thursday evening, VanHorn said Spokane should see a fairly significant upgrade from the weeks-long trend of very bad air. Before the smoke cleared out overnight, many municipalities reported heavier concentrations of the haze late Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the agency announced it was raising the risk level for West Nile Virus from low to moderate throughout the state.

According to Dr. Johnmark Opondo from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, weekly testing shows a higher proportion of Culex Tarsalis mosquitoes have the virus in comparison to the previous year.

Mélenchon dénonce "une saignée de l'Etat et des services publics" — Arbitrage budgétaire
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, le leader de la gauche radicale des Insoumis , l'a martelé à qui veut l'entendre ce week-end. Il a ensuite ajouté qu'ils refusent catégoriquement de faire l'Europe en défaisant la France.

To prevent catching West Nile, you should take measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Ahead of Labor Day weekend, it is also important to note that mosquito activity is highest at dusk and dawn. Most people fully recover, but for some, it can develop into a severe illness that affects the central nervous system.

Iran goes to UN's highest court over reimposed U.S. sanctions
However, diplomatic relations were severed following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and takeover of the U.S. In the latest blow, Iran's parliament impeached the economy minister, Masoud Karbasian, on Sunday.

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