Windows 95 Is Now A Downloadable App On Mac, Windows, And Linux

Image by Flickr user sintaxiseb

Image by Flickr user sintaxiseb

It was in the taste of 1995 that one of the most revolutionary versions of Windows, of course, the tech giant Microsoft's Windows 95 was released.

Windows 95, as most millennials and Xennials would agree, was one of the most popular operating systems (OS) powering the personal computers at the time and for many of us it was a part of our first experience with these machine. The developer of the app has no rights to distribute Windows 95 like this, and I'm a little surprised that the app hasn't been yanked from GitHub yet. Running on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the Windows 95 "app" combines Electron (a framework for building desktop applications using JavaScript and other Web technology) with an existing x86 emulator written in JavaScript.

Granting a 13-year-old operating system free rein over your computer would be a security nightmare, so the app runs safely sandboxed with no access to networks or files stored on your device.

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Windows/Mac: In case you can't remember the last time Windows 95 was cool, we'll help: The Grateful Dead had performed their final show, Paul Keating was Prime Minister of Australia, and Telecom Australia changed its name to Telstra.

Another thing that is useful to know is that you need to use the Esc-key to move the mouse cursor out of the Windows 95 window and to lock it in again.

Still, it's fun to play around with Windows 95 as an app. Paint a picture.

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The app still seems to work better than the Windows 95 copy installed on an Apple Watch, which takes about an hour to run. That probably wouldn't do you much good anyway. Virtually every site would be hopelessly broken in a 23-year-old operating system browser.

Users are also able to reset the Windows 95 instance if they encounter any problems when running it.

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