The electric Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow is retro quick

The electric Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow is retro quick

The electric Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow is retro quick

At more than 17 feet from nose to tail, it's longer than a Mercedes S-class, and its proportions are similar to those of the Depression-era record setter, with a short front overhang, a long hood, and a tapered, pointy tail. It has a body structure made entirely from carbon fiber, Alubeam Silver paint that makes it look like it's painted with liquid metal, a single-seat driving position and quite possibly the coolest wheels I've seen on any vehicle, concept or otherwise, in a very long time. The W125 in 1937 established a 268-mph world speed record on a German Autobahn that held until previous year. Two extendible rear spoilers act as an air brake by increasing the wind resistance when deceleration is desired. Wilder still, the arches are cut off at the centerline of each wheel, leaving the rest of the wheel and tire open to the elements. The concept wears Pirelli 225/25 R 24 tires up front and 305/25 R 26 tires out back, with the wheels featuring non-rotating hubs.

On Friday, Mercedes unveiled the EQ Silver Arrow concept in Monterey, California as a homage to a particular W125, while at the same time also providing a halo for the new EQ sub-brand for electric cars.

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Mercedes-Benz takes design inspiration from its streamlined high-speed record-breakers of the 1930s for a contemporary electric-powered concept vehicle revealed at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance here. It also boasts a thin rechargeable battery in the underbody with a usable capacity of around 80 kWh for a range of over 400 km (around 248 miles). Inside the vehicle, the driver's cockpit can be folded forward to provide a wider view of the interior. A blend of high-tech features and classic materials make up the interior, part of a design ethos meant to "combine timeless aesthetic appeal with futuristic visions".

There is also a touchscreen on the steering wheel. Laser engraving was used to create the seat's pattern, and the contours of the seat are lit by LEDs.

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On the inside the EQ Silver Arrow mixes classic and future design themes, incorporating materials such as saddle brown leather and coniferous wood pinstripes along with walnut elements and brushed aluminum, lending it a slightly steampunk appearance. Even though it's entirely electric, the driver can hear the sound of an AMG V8 by fiddling with the sound settings through the touchscreen mounted on the steering wheel.

The driver of the EQ Silver Arrow is encompassed by a large panoramic screen on which a 3D image of the surroundings is projected from behind. That includes switching between the Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ drive modes. "Today, we pay tribute to these incredible machines with the EQ Silver Arrow". It ran in bare metal, establishing the silver trademark color of Mercedes-Benz. Much of the concept's tech isn't so far-fetched, either, and with racing going increasingly more electric-and Mercedes entering Formula E next year-we wouldn't be surprised to see something like the EQ Silver Arrow speeding around our favorite tracks in the not so distant future.

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