Better Late Than Never? Urban Meyer Finally Apologizes To Courtney Smith

Better Late Than Never? Urban Meyer Finally Apologizes To Courtney Smith

Better Late Than Never? Urban Meyer Finally Apologizes To Courtney Smith

Urban Meyer says he flubbed his news conference following the announcement of his three-game suspension Wednesday. and is now trying to make up for it by apologizing to Courtney Smith.

Urban Meyer finally has apologized to Courtney Smith. Friday's apology, sent in a tweet from his official account, appears to be an attempt to remedy that.

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Urban Meyer took to Twitter on Friday to issue a statement after his suspension.

Meyer went on to add what he "should have said on Wednesday".

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I understand my lack of more action in this situation has raised concerns about this commitment.

Meyer said he knew that police had investigated domestic assault allegations involving the Smiths in 2009 when Meyer and Smith were at the University of Florida and again in 2015 at Ohio State.

When Meyer was asked by a reporter what he'd like to say to Courtney Smith, he responded, "My message for everyone involved in this: I'm sorry that we're in this situation".

"Over the years, we have worked hard to educate and remind our coaches and players of the seriousness of relationship violence", he said.

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The investigation also found that Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith "failed to adhere to the precise requirements of their contracts when they concluded that they needed to await a law enforcement determination to file charges before they reported the otherwise disputed claims of spousal abuse against Zach Smith, they did so based upon a good faith belief that they did not have sufficient information to trigger a reporting obligation or initiate a disciplinary action in the absence of law enforcement action".

Meyer, athletic director Gene Smith and university president Michael Drake fielded 20 minutes of questions from reporters Wednesday night at the conclusion of a almost 12-hour deliberation that ended with Meyer's suspensions.

Meyer was suspended by the university after a two-week investigation for his mishandling of domestic abuse allegations against Zach Smith.

Meyer apologize to "Buckeye Nation" during his news conference on Wednesday.

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Meyer has been getting crushed for the quote.

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