Cyberpunk 2077 gets new 4K screenshots and concept art at Gamescom

Cyberpunk 2077 2018 06 12 18 008

Cyberpunk 2077 News Coming At Gamescom This Week

CD Projekt RED has released a new set of in-engine screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077. Back in June, CD Projekt RED claimed that the game is now in pre-alpha stage and that the E3 2018 demo was the most polished build so far. As of yet, we don't know the news will be.

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Some of the reactions on Twitter focused on the lack of a gameplay demo, but CD Projekt Red is in no rush to share something with the community before the company feels ready. The development team is definitely keeping its cards those to the chest, but it may be a safe bet that the game will appear on an E3 stage at least once more. "Specifically, I'd even look more at the expansions than The Witcher 3 base game because that's really where the quest design philosophy that we're using now came from-it was developed later in the expansions". Cyberpunk 2077 looks lovely but it will be a while until we get our hands on it.

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