Confusion, disbelief remain over man who allegedly killed family in Colorado

Confusion, disbelief remain over man who allegedly killed family in Colorado

Confusion, disbelief remain over man who allegedly killed family in Colorado

Accusations that a man killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters is prompting questions about Colorado's lack of a law allowing homicide charges in the violent deaths of fetuses.

Frederick police arrested Christopher Lee Watts, 33, late Wednesday on suspicion of killing his wife, 34-year-old Shanann Watts, and the couple's two children, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

"You don' know someone, at all, until you find out that they have done something so evil", she said.

Watts, an oil and gas worker, who authorities said dumped his wife and daughters' bodies on his employer's property, is expected to face formal charges Monday.

In 2016, a Denver district court judge rejected Eikelenboom as a DNA expert after he admitted to a prosecutor that he had no direct DNA extraction or analysis experience, that he operated an unaccredited lab, that he failed basic proficiency tests in 2011 and 2012, and that he was "self-trained" in running DNA profiles, the Denver district attorney's office said.

Watts' defense team went on to request DNA swabs from Shanann Watts, the children's mother.

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The first motion, according to documents, was filed 20 minutes before the autopsies were scheduled to begin.

The body of Shanann Watts was found in a shallow grave Thursday, according to court documents revealed Saturday.

King's brother-in-law was previously married to Shanann Watts.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation spokeswoman Jennifer Brice said Watts is a former employee, but declined to say when he left the company.

"There is a noticeable absence of emotional behavior or words of emotion like, 'I'm so scared, ' 'I'm so anxious about them, '" O'Toole said.

"I called her three times, texted her about three times just to say "what's going on", he told the Denver7 reporter. I just want them back.

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O'Toole said Watts' insistence that he didn't know where his family members were shows an attempt to push the investigation away from himself.

Shanann Watts painted a rosy portrait of her family on Facebook, calling her husband and the father of her two young daughters her "rock" and writing that he was "the best dad us girls could ask for".

"This is to celebrate, mourn and get closure for a family that didn't deserve this", Kelley Trippy said.

'I came home and it was like I walked into a ghost town.

The mother, who was pregnant, and daughters vanished Monday from their suburban Denver home. "Last night was - I can't really stay in this house again with nobody here".

"Had we had any inclination that we thought he was involved at all - no way would I have let him in my house with my wife and kid", said Nick. "She seemed pretty happy", said Joe Beach, the next-door neighbor of Shanann's parents.

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