Fired White House aide: 'I will not be silenced'

Ryan was on "The Karen Hunter Show" to promote her own book, when was asked asked if there's a section on Manigault Newman - whom she considered a friend before the former Trump aide turned on her.

"He is such a f**kup".

Orrin Hatch, an ally of Trump's and president pro tempore, tells me this of Trump calling Omarosa a "dog:" "No, I'm not comfortable with that".

In her book Omarosa said of Melania Trump: "It's my opinion that Melania was forced to go to the border that day in June, essentially, to mop up her husband's mess".

Manigault Newman said she had already spoken to the man who is looking into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether Team Trump colluded with Moscow to tip the scales. Trump is quoted as saying.

"His mental decline could not be denied", wrote Manigault Newman, who had been one of the Republican president's most prominent black supporters.

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders argued that Trump's insults have nothing to do with race or gender. A person familiar with the White House response to the investigation said that at no time prior to her departure did the Mueller team request documents related to her or seek an interview with her. "She worked here for a year, and didn't have any of these things to say-in fact everything she said was quite the opposite".

Some current and former staffers have struggled to find post-White House jobs - given the conflicted feelings on the Trump administration in Washington - making the campaign or a super PAC an attractive paycheck.

'Her tell-all mea culpa won't win her any brownie points with most blacks, ' said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author of the book 'Why Black Lives Do Matter'.

"He does treat women differently, I think as evidence by the lack of female appointees in his administration; the lack of high-level senior advisers, women, in his administration and throughout all the different agencies".

Omarosa Manigault Newman did not, apparently, develop a similar reflex. Trump later tried to convince her that he was kidding but she believes he was serious at the time, she wrote.

Some of them offered hope for Manigault Newman, however conditional.

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Trump has claimed no such tapes exist, adding that the word is not in his vocabulary.

The president has attacked Manigault-Newman in recent days after excerpts from her book were disclosed.

"As it relates to a nondisclosure agreement for government employees, and I'm not an attorney just to be clear, I don't know if they are valid whatsoever", Lewandowski said.

Sanders' statement was part of a defense against claims by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman that Trump made racist statements.

Trump's campaign has accused Manigault-Newman of violating a non-disclosure agreement.

"When President Obama left after eight years in office - eight years in office - he had only created 195,000 jobs for African Americans", Sanders said as she defended Trump against racism charges.

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