Wentz ready Week 1? 'It's going to be close'

Wentz ready Week 1? 'It's going to be close'

Wentz ready Week 1? 'It's going to be close'

The Mayor of Philadelphia knows his football - and tells TMZ Sports when the Eagles kick off the regular season, he wants to see Nick Foles under center. not Carson Wentz.

Paul Pogba: Barcelona director does not expect move for Manchester United midfielder
All seemed rosy then, until a certain Paul Pogba re-ignited the murmurs around Old Trafford once more. Mourinho seems to be at odds with some important figures at the club.

But Wentz added that his Week 1 goal is "gonna be close". The quarterback, however, soft-peddled the breaks a tad on Tuesday morning. "That has been my goal all offseason, ever since the injury". It is going to be close. "It is going to be close", Wentz said. I am still eyeing that date, but at the end of the day it is not just my decision. However, the Eagles have kept Wentz out of the team portion of drills for over a week.

Ad hoc group for Caspian Sea status wraps up final meeting
The Kremlin has said the convention keeps most of the sea in shared use but divides up the seabed and underground resources. The agreement specifically forbids any but the five Caspian countries from deploying military forces on the Caspian Sea.

Wentz, for his part, has remained extremely confident about his overall projection for starting the opener, giving off the vibe of a guy who'll have to be dragged back to the locker room to keep him from starting.

Fernando Alonso annonce sa retraite en Formule 1
Un retour n'est toutefois pas pleinement exclu, à condition que la structure de Woking hausse son niveau de jeu. Cette décision n'a pas été prise sur un coup de tête et date de plusieurs mois.

Cataldi, of course, asked Wentz about his knee, which Wentz says feels really good.

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