Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearings to Begin September 4

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated on July 9 spurring intense interest in his work as a White House lawyer and with Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr

Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearings to Begin September 4

As Karen Townsend pointed out earlier, the Democratic strategy is to stall over document production in hopes of derailing the nomination down the road.

The memo, tucked toward the end of almost 10,000 pages released Friday, provides greater insight into Kavanaugh's views on executive power that are expected to feature prominently in his Senate confirmation hearings. Members of the committee will be able to make opening statements on September 4 and questioning will commence the next day. After the questioning, there will be testimony from close associates of Kavanaugh as well as legal experts and the American Bar Association. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, have held off on meeting with Kavanaugh over the document dispute. Further, the undisclosed record of his time in the White House might further reveal his judicial philosophy but will go unexamined because Republicans, with Collins' support, are not requesting the documents.

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Democrats are seeking documents from Kavanaugh's service from 2001 to 2003 as a White House lawyer under Republican former President George W. Bush.

"My colleagues should be a "no" on this nominee unless Judge Kavanaugh specifically commits that he will recuse himself on any issues that involve President Trump's personal financial dealings or the special counsel", said Sen. "I want someone who's a Constitutionalist, not an interventionist, who says, 'Here's the Constitution, here's the law, here's what I think.' You're to call balls and strikes, you're the Judicial Branch".

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Manchin met with Kavanaugh last month at his Washington office. The committee has received about 175,000 pages from the Bush library, but has only publicly released 5,700 pages.

Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to rush the confirmation process. Kavanaugh spent over five years in the White House under President George W. Bush, first as White House Counsel and then as Staff Secretary, and has more than 4 million documents in his record from that time. "Judge Kavanaugh looks forward to addressing the Judiciary Committee in public hearings for the American people to view".

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"It's time for the public to hear from President Trump's nominee and learn first-hand just how well-qualified he is to hold the position of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice", Nance added. This process gives an unfair advantage to senators supporting Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, at the expense of a fully transparent process that allows for full disclosure and scrutiny by all voting lawmakers.

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