UMD Places Members Of Athletic Staff On External Leave Following External Review


DJ Durkin

"He worked for me for four years at the University of Florida", Muschamp said, according to The State. "He's also an outstanding husband and a father and he treats people with respect", Muschamp said.

ESPN's story Friday detailed a "coaching environment based on fear and intimidation" including "belittling, humiliation and embarrassment of players" at the behest of coaches, and cited anonymous sources.

Before being named the new athletic director in late June after serving eight months in an acting role while former athletic director Kevin Anderson was on sabbatical (Anderson resigned in mid-April), Evans was the senior staff member who oversaw the football program. I think that's gutless.

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The ESPN investigation also describes a culture of mistreatment in which coaches - namely Durkin and his top lieutenant, strength and conditioning coach Rick Court - used conditioning, weightlifting and nutrition regimens to punish and intimidate players.

An attorney for the family told ESPN that McNair had a seizure on a practice field after running sprints and Maryland athletic trainers waited almost an hour before calling emergency personnel to provide treatment. "In any business, in any company, in any football team, especially right here in August, you can find a disgruntled player that's probably not playing", he said.

Maryland placed head coach DJ Durkin on administrative leave today while the school scrutinizes allegations of poor behavior by the football staff, apparent misdeeds that came to light following the death of a player on the practice field. I know what kind of man he is. I don't think it's right.

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Journalists use anonymous sources mainly for a specific reason: to protect those willing to speak up from retribution, whether it's physical, psychological or in future employment.

South Carolina's Will Muschamp passionately defended his former defensive coordinator DJ Durkin this morning in the wake of an ESPN report which paints the picture of a "toxic culture" surrounding Maryland football. High-ranking editors generally must know the name of the sources.

Those on Twitter, especially sports journalism figures, were quick give Muschamp a lesson on journalistic integrity.

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