Monster Hunter World Gets Steam Workshop Support for Mods

Monster Hunter World Gets Steam Workshop Support for Mods

Monster Hunter World Gets Steam Workshop Support for Mods

Monster Hunter: World launched on Steam barely an hour ago, and judging by the player counts it's already an astronomical success.

Monster Hunter: World originally launched on consoles on the 26th of February this year, since then Capcom, the developers and publisher behind the title have been working towards getting the game onto the PC. It's unlikely that Monster Hunter World will claim those games' spots - they're Steam mainstays at this point - but you never know.

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Monster Hunter World has just been released on the PC and it has already set three new records on Steam. Right now, it sits at 232,499 concurrent players placing it at spot number four on the Most Played Games On Steam, sitting behind Steam behemoths Dota 2, PUBG and Counter-Strike.

Another statistic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance previously held the 2018 "best day one numbers" with 96,000 users saddling up for adventure.

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As ResetEra member Rodja pointed out, according to Steam's stats page Monster Hunter: World now has 232,499 concurrent players, hitting its peak earlier today with around 240,901 active users.

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