LeBron James as Secretary of Education petition started

Melania Trump She paired her look with heavy makeup

Melania Trump She paired her look with heavy makeup

The petition has more than 5,000 supporters and is nearing its goal of 6,000 as of Wednesday afternoon.

The petition has obviously spun out of the news about the I Promise school opened in OH on July 30 by the self-proclaimed "King" of basketball, fanned by flames of the to-and-fro following President Donald Trump's recent remarks about James' intelligence.

"I know that's [sic] it's unlikely that Lebron James would give up his highly successful career - especially since he has been generous enough to use that influence to be an inspirational community and youth advocate for millions". We certainly deserve better!

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Trump jabbed James on Twitter on Saturday, calling the new Los Angeles Laker unintelligent after James told CNN's Don Lemon in an interview about his newly opened OH school that Trump uses sports to "divide" Americans.

James has been widely praised and received national media coverage for his support of at-risk children when his I Promise public school officially opened last month. Trump's tweet read, "LeBron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon". He made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do. And he added a swipe at the who's greater, LeBron or Michael Jordan, debate with "I like Mike!"

The petition poses a hypothetical situation in which the public is in charge of hiring a new USA secretary of education and they can pick between two candidates - the sports legend James or DeVos.

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Not everyone was applauding James educational endeavors.

'So Trump called LeBron James "stupid" for opening up a school for children in his hometown, ' Abed A. Ayoub responded. LeBron James is an inspiration to kids all over the country.

However, there were those that felt James is getting too much credit for his new public school because the majority of the costs will come from taxpayers.

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The people have spoken - and they want King James. BTW, she has 12 yachts, ' another person pointed out.

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