Google to Android Phone Makers: Don't Go Crazy With the Notches

Android Smartphone Notch Rules

Google to Android Phone Makers: Don't Go Crazy With the Notches

One is that the status bar should not exceed the height of the notch in portrait mode.

There are two more rules regarding cutouts, which help explain how Android apps can work with cutouts.

Because Android is open source, Google can't truly stop any manufacturer from making a device with three notches for some reason (for the record, one should be the absolute maximum). With Android P embracing the notch and the final version expected to release soon, we can expect to see more devices (including Google's upcoming Pixel 3 XL) adopting the notch over the next few months. That means Google is envisioning a world where phones have notches at the top and bottom of the screen, as well as models where the notch is annoyingly off-center.

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Google is reportedly building support for notched screens in Android P, which would solve Essential Phone issues like this.

Google said the move is to ensure consistency and app compatibility with devices that do have cutouts. The devices we have seen with notched displays so far only have one and some manufacturers have now started pushing the envelope on smartphone design to get rid of the notch altogether. "This [means that you] won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device". Google says it worked with device manufacturer partners to establish a set of practices for notch implementation so that the hardware design won't conflict with software rules built for app devs.

Of course, Google can't really lay down the law here.

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Notches, which are a way to achieve an edge-to-edge experience, suddenly cropped up in the industry after Apple made it mainstream with the iPhone X. Many users have shared aggravation over the feature, but with Google's latest development all such worries shall be put to rest.

Some of these changes involve moving the clock from the top-right to the top-left corner and adding better testing utilities to make sure a phone's notch doesn't mess up your apps.

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