3D gun downloads threaten safety

Enlarge  The Defense Distributed website this

Enlarge The Defense Distributed website this

In the settlement, they paid Wilson $40,000 and allowed him to re-post his gun blueprints starting in August 2018.

The states that filed suit are asking U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle to issue an injunction to block the online distribution of the gun blueprints.

But the settlement didn't bring the situation to a close.

"I've had people ask me if I can make something like that for them", she said. "The Attorney General's actions today are an important step in developing common sense gun measures that will help to protect public safety".

A United States federal judge has temporarily blocked a Texas non-profit from uploading blueprints for making 3D printable guns that are easy to make, own and destroy. "He granted that relief", Ferguson said at a news conference after the hearing. "By order of a federal judge in the Western District of Washington, http://DEFCAD.com is going dark", he tweeted.

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"We don't agree with President Trump very much", Washington state Assistant Attorney General Jeff Rupert told Lasnik, "but when he tweeted 'this doesn't make much sense, ' that's something we agree with".

President Trump weighed in via Twitter, saying: "I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public".

Gun access advocacy group Defense Distributed was due to put downloadable gun blueprints online on Wednesday.

The National Rifle Association said that undetectable plastic guns are already illegal.

Cuomo said he will pursue legislation to bolster the state's gun safety laws and outlaw private production of all 3D and so-called "ghost guns" that are untraceable and invisible to metal detectors.

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But Wilson has gotten around the legal prohibition by providing instructions with the digital files for 3D printing his "Liberator" plastic gun that call for an approximately six-ounce block of steel to be affixed to the weapon.

"If an injunction is not issued and the status quo alters at midnight tonight, the proliferation of these firearms will have numerous negative impacts on a state level that the federal government once feared on the global stage", Lasnik said. The technology has quickly grown, too, with 3D blueprints for guns now making all the headlines.

The hard-to-trace plastic weapons allow easy access to weapons for terrorists and risky criminals and threaten public safety.

On Tuesday, before the court decision, the States Department Spokeswoman said, it'll be a hot topic.

The website was shut down by Wednesday, but blueprints that had been posted online before the court order had already been downloaded thousands of times.

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Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed, first published downloadable designs for a 3D-printed firearm in 2013. Wilson cooperated, but he sued the federal government in 2015, citing his right to free speech.

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