Lawmaker says change needed after boat tragedy

Ray Coleman with members of his family

Ray Coleman with members of his family

Divers were expected to swim down to the Ride the Ducks boat and connect it to a crane, which will lift it to the surface.

The boat was safely towed to shore.

The other victims were Belinda Coleman, 69, Ervin Coleman, 76, and Horace Coleman, 70. It sank 40 feet and then rolled to an area 80 feet deep, according to local investigators. She suffered a concussion, but her father, 53-year-old retired math teacher Steve Smith, and her 15-year-old brother, Lance, died. Visitation services will also be held Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon at the church in Osceola, which is about 175 miles (280 kilometers) northeast of Little Rock.

Indianapolis resident Tia Coleman and 10 of her relatives had boarded the boat to tour Table Rock Lake on their family vacation. The victims were from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

Stanley Hubbard left preaches during Sunday worship at the Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ in Indianapolis
Stanley Hubbard left preaches during Sunday worship at the Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ in Indianapolis

Funerals are set for Friday for four of nine IN family members who died when a tourist boat sank IN a Missouri lake. Coleman's aunt, Carolyn Coleman, spoke to MSN and relayed what Tia said. Coleman lost 9 family member in the tragedy.

The Coast Guard requires life jackets on boats, but for amphibious tour boats, which are part boat and part bus, recommendations are left up to the captain on whether to request passengers to wear the jackets.

"Nobody, nobody - when that boat is found, all those life jackets are going to be on there", Coleman said.

Nine of those that died in the tragedy belonged to a family from in, with one surviving family member claiming that passengers were told by the captain not to put on life jackets. A police spokeswoman said witnesses reported that Karnicki was looking at an electronic device while walking and crossed the street against the red light when she was hit.

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"Even with amusement rides, which this essentially is, there are restrictions on height and weight, the operations in winds, etcetera", Hall said. Seventeen of the 31 people on the boat were killed.

"The Missouri State Highway Patrol is conducting a broader investigation into the circumstances that led to this tragedy beforehand and whether or not this should be treated as a crime scene", Hawley said. Martin says there is "no explanation" and that the family is suffering from survivors' guilt. Seven survivors were taken to a Branson hospital, where the last patient was discharged Sunday.

Three of Coleman's children and her husband were among the dead. The report said that passengers - due to their natural buoyancy, especially if they are wearing life jackets - can become trapped against the canopy as the vessel sinks, unable to swim down to openings along the side.

Coleman, sitting in a wheelchair and flanked by loved ones, said she didn't see a cloud in the sky when she boarded the Ride the Ducks boat with her family.

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Crews began raising the sunken boat from the lake at about 9 a.m. Getting the boat out of the water took about an hour and a half.

They went on the duck boat because her eldest could be himself on the boat, she said. Others killed came from Missouri, Arkansas and IL. Investigators have retrieved a video recorder from the duck boat that sank and it's been sent to Washington for analysis, and they've also retrieved video from the second duck boat that was on the water at the same time. It's still unclear if the water pump or engine may have failed when the vessel sank in a strong thunderstorm.

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