Russians Blocked From Hacking Three 2018 Candidates

Russians Blocked From Hacking Three 2018 Candidates

Russians Blocked From Hacking Three 2018 Candidates

The targets, who it didn't identify, were "all people who due to their positions might have been interesting from an espionage standpoint, as well as an election disruption standpoint", Tom Burt, Microsoft's corporate vice president for customer security and trust, said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Thursday.

The Hill reported that Burt did not state if the company believed the hacking attempts were linked to Russian Federation.

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Burt did not identify which campaigns had been targeted, only describing the victims as "people who due to their positions might have been interesting targets from an espionage standpoint as well as from an election disruption standpoint".

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"They did not get into those candidates", Mr. Burt added.

That same day, Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, said that Russian cyber attacks could again interfere in this year's midterm elections, likening the threat to the warnings of terror threats ahead of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Microsoft shut down the domain and determined, via metadata, that the phishing attacks were directed at three candidates in the midterm elections. The industry, he said, had not seen anything equivalent to the targeting of think tanks and academia nor the use of social media networks to build up a disinformation campaign that they saw in 2016. Under those names, the group previously worked with the Russian military intelligence agency GRU.

Tom Burt, an executive at the firm, made the revelation during a security conference panel in Colorado.

"We haven't seen a campaign on the scale of 2016 of concerted attacks against election infrastructure, concerted attacks against campaigns". "There's a lot of time left until the election".

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President Trump said "no" on Wednesday when asked by a reporter if Russian hackers are now attacking USA targets.

On Monday, FBI director Christopher Wray reiterated his agency's belief that Russian Federation may again attempt to meddle in this year's election.

In other words, the sort of mischief Moscow's intelligence agents got up to in 2016 to interfere with the United States presidential election, allegedly.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied authorizing attacks against US targets as recently as Monday's summit with Mr. Trump in Helsinki.

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