Trump says he doesn't think Russian Federation is still targeting U.S

Trump says he doesn't think Russian Federation is still targeting U.S

Trump says he doesn't think Russian Federation is still targeting U.S

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary.

US President Donald Trump, under fire over his Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, doubled down Thursday by saying he looks forward to meeting the Russian leader again - with talks already underway for a visit to Washington in the fall.

The news comes as the USA director of national intelligence Dan Coats revealed that he does not know what was said between the two leaders during their one-on-one meeting.

Whether President Donald Trump's head-exploding press conference Monday with Vladimir Putin is just another episode in the freakish reality show called the Trump presidency - or a more consequential tipping point in his political fortunes - remains to be seen. "OK, that's going to be special".

The story in the July 30 edition of Time delves into the fallout from the Helsinki summit and Trump's seeming affinity for Putin.

During the panel, Coats said he was still not sure what was discussed at Trump and Putin's one-on-one meeting in Helsinki.

In an interview with CNBC television on Thursday, Trump said that "getting along with President Putin, getting along with Russia's a positive, not a negative".

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"We have some breaking news, the White House has announced on Twitter that Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the fall", she said while interviewing the intel chief at the Aspen Security Forum.

It comes after Mr Putin, asked in Helsinki whether he would extradite the 12 Russian intelligence agents indicted in the U.S. for hacking Democratic Party computers, said he would meet the USA government "halfway".

He said: "I don't see any reason why it would be". She said the USA hopes Putin will have the indicted Russians "come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt".

On Wednesday, the Russian Prosecutor General's office listed Americans it wanted to question for "illegal activities", including Michael McFaul, who was USA ambassador to Russia under Democratic former President Barack Obama.

However grudging Trump's moves against Moscow might have been, though, his defenders say the actions speak for themselves.

But Mr Trump rejected Mr Putin's offer to allow the United States to question 12 Russians accused of interfering in the 2016 election after fierce criticism from Republicans and Democrats.

At his joint press conference with Putin on Monday, Trump appeared to cast doubt on the conclusions of USA intelligence agencies that Putin ordered the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election.

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Hall, who is also a CNN analyst, expressed his concerns in an op-ed about the Trump-Putin summit before the meeting happened. HORSLEY: Ailsa, I have to tell you there was considerable skepticism in the briefing room about that explanation.

According to WaPo, within the White House, Trump's advisors were pissed by Coats and his Aspen performance.

Coats said he was also not aware of the content of the private the president's private conversation with Vladimir Putin Helsinki. "Say that again? Did I hear you?" he said, before adding, "Okayyy".

While Trump has no qualms about criticizing leaders of allied countries like Germany's Angela Merkel, Canada's Justin Trudeau or the U.K.'s Theresa May, he nearly always treats Putin with kid gloves. Putin reportedly said he had agreed not to discuss the proposal publicly while Trump was considering it.

Earlier Thursday, House Democrats attempted to subpoena the translator from the meeting for questioning as well, but were blocked by Republicans.

In the latest, on Thursday, the White House had to distance itself from what he had described as an "incredible offer" made by the Russian president.

US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who issued the indictments against the 12 Russians last week, said on Thursday that the US would seek to warn the public in the future when it believes foreign states are trying to influence elections.

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