Russian meddling in election meant as 'warning' to Clinton, former AG says

Russian meddling in election meant as 'warning' to Clinton, former AG says

Russian meddling in election meant as 'warning' to Clinton, former AG says

Former CIA director John Brennan had blasted Trump's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday as "nothing short of treasonous" in high profile remarks, as well.

Of course not. Donald Trump is a patriot. Newt Gingrich, ordinarily a reliable voice of support, wrote on Twitter the remarks were "the most serious mistake of his presidency".

Spokespeople for the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller declined to comment on Trump's comments or on Putin's purported offers for assistance.

The director of national intelligence is restating the USA intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election following a press conference where President Donald Trump openly questioned that conclusion.

Mr Trump's comments put himself out of step with USA intelligence agencies, which concluded that Russian Federation was behind an effort to tip the 2016 U.S. presidential election against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, with a state-authorised campaign of cyber-attacks and fake news stories planted on social media.

"We had direct, open, deeply productive dialogue", Trump said.

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Asked at a joint news conference with Putin if believed his Russian counterpart or his intelligence chiefs, Trump said he doesn't "see any reason" why Putin's government would have hacked the Democratic National Committee.

Trump said on Tuesday he had complete faith in USA intelligence agencies and accepted their conclusions, although he insisted Russia's actions had no impact on the outcome.

"Let's be very clear, just so everybody knows: Russian Federation did meddle with our elections", said House Speaker Paul Ryan. "The United States must stand from a position of strength in our relationship with Russian Federation and in defense of our allies and shared values", Risch replied via email to several questions from the Statesman about Trump's and Putin's remarks.

Despite the U.S. intelligence community's position on this, Trump on Monday said he didn't see "any reason" why Russian Federation would interfere in the United States electoral process.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., tweeted, "This is shameful." Sen.

The late-night host also admitted that the Helsinki summit had shaken him "to his core", and encouraged his audience to stand up against Trump's behaviour.

Putin: US-Russia ties should not be held hostage to Mueller probe
US President Donald Trump is in the Finnish capital Helsinki , ahead of his summit with his Russian President Vladimir Putin . He later went on to say that before the meeting, the U.S. relationship with Russian Federation was a "potential problem".

"He failed on all accounts".

In addition to providing direct commentary on Trump's joint press conference with Putin on Monday (which was called "treasonous" by former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan), the cartoon is an apparent throwback to Trump's comment during his 2016 presidential campaign when he claimed he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still not lose any supporters.

The language used by Democrats was much harsher, including accusations of "treason".

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Mr Trump's weakness in front of Mr Putin was not just "embarrassing" but also, "proves that the Russians have something on the President, personally, financially or politically".

Putin argued the hackers revealed true "manipulations" by the Democratic Party in favor of Hillary Clinton over Sen. The president is putting himself over our country.

On Monday, Trump also resurrected several debunked conspiracy theories about his opponent Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, called out an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent involved in the meddling probe by name and complained about media coverage.

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