NASA Captures Images Of Crawling 'Spiders' On Mars

NASA боятся начала колонизации На Марсе нашли растущие деревья

NASA Captures Images Of Crawling 'Spiders' On Mars

The Spiders from Mars might have been David Bowie's backing band here on Earth, but that term has a different meaning when we're talking about the actual Red Planet.

NASA has released an image showing "spiders" on Mars, small darks spots on the reddish landscape with tendrils one could easily perceive as tiny legs. Experts from space agencies, by the way, post pictures on the net regularly, but with some changes (put some filters). We call this type of land formation 'araneiform terrain,' i.e., spider-like radiating mounds. As the carbon dioxide ice under the surface warms, the gas forms but is still trapped under the planet's surface.

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The spiders come back to Mars seasonally when the carbon dioxide ice turns from solid to gas. After the release of gas to the outside, dust, soil and other elements are deposited near the "crater", which erupted. Sometimes winds transport the dust to produce streaks.

For instance, the Curiosity rover is slowly rolling on the Martian surface at a top velocity of about 1/10th of a mile per hour. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped the image on May 13 when it was spring on the Red Planet.

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The HiRISE camera that the spacecraft carried onboard has captured stunning images of the Martian surface, which include the Matara Crater that feature gullies running through the sand dunes on the arid world and classic barchan dunes on Mars' Lyot Crater region that appear like blue dunes in an enhanced image NASA shared last month.

The NASA website has published a photo where you can see the surface of Mars.

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"Gas flows through these channels until it encounters a vent, where is escapes out to the atmosphere, carrying dust along with it".

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