Tesla customers will start losing a $7500 tax credit in 2019

Tesla is about to build new factory in China

Elon Musk and Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong shake

Workers at the California Tesla factory claim they were forced to walk through sewage and were offered Red Bulls to fight exhaustion while producing Model 3s. That falls to 25% during the six months after that.

In the past couple months, Tesla has ramped up production of the Model 3 and it became clearer that Tesla would reach the trigger first.

Musk also said that some of the company's designers were "naive" about the manufacturing difficulties they would face and that the company's plans for increased automation made sense in theory but were hard to implement. Tesla also notified police based on a tip to its customer service line that Tripp had allegedly told a friend he was going to attack the company's Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

Last week, GM said demand for the Bolt in the United States, Canada and South Korea had "outstripped production" and that it would increase output in the fourth quarter by 20 percent. That doesn't come as a complete surprise to some observers.

Elon Musk can 'stick his submarine where it hurts' says hero
Elon Musk called a diver who helped in the Thai cave rescue a "pedo guy" in a lengthy Twitter thread on Sunday. Last Tuesday, Musk told his Twitter followers he had just returned from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex.

Tesla Motors announces a new Technology Innovation Center in Beijing on July 12 as CEO Elon Musk concludes his three-day trip in China.

What remains to be known about Tesla's Chinese assembly plant is the price tag.

The company allegedly installed battery with marriage, and also used broken parts again.

A Tesla spokeswoman confirmed the change to Green Car Reports, but declined to comment further. It alleged the former employees supplied a number of "falsehood" to unnamed news organizations, among other things exaggerating "the amount and value of "scrap" material that Tesla generated during the manufacturing process". Tripp says it didn't happen.

Officiel - Jorge Sampaoli n'est plus le sélectionneur de l'Argentine
Plusieurs noms circulent déjà pour le remplaçant de l'ex-disciple de Bielsa (Gallardo, Pochettino, Simeone, Gareca, Almeyda). L'accord porte sur le versement d'une somme de 2 millions de dollars US, il ne manque que la signature.

Meissner will not handle the federal lawsuit that Tesla filed against Tripp.

It is unclear who those entities are. Tesla then sued Martin Tripp, alleging he stole gigabytes worth of data. But if the company fails to fix its issues, the public may finally begin to pressure Tesla through boycott, and competition will easily take over the electric auto market, especially now that Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, and others have plans to drop new electric cars soon.

Tripp is turning to an attorney with a successful whistleblower track record.

Gaza: raid aérien israélien contre des cibles du Hamas
Pour la première fois, l'alerte à la roquette s'est déclenchée dans la ville d'Ashkelon. Ces tirs n'ont pas fait de blessé ni de dégât, selon les médias israéliens.

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