Trump Responds To New Mueller Indictments

President Donald Trump listens during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Palace Hotel during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Security and trade will loom large during Presid

Trump Responds To New Mueller Indictments

President Donald Trump's persistence in pursuing friendly ties with Vladimir Putin has highlighted a growing disconnect within his administration over Russian Federation policy.

"It's on", spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

Third, Friday's move also appears to show that the Mueller team and top Department of Justice officials such as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are unintimidated by political threats against them.

It contains no allegations that U.S. citizens committed a crime, he said.

I have embedded a copy of the indictment below.

"Mr. Putin is a trained KGB intelligence veteran who will come to this meeting well-prepared", the letter reads.

Twelve Russian intelligence officers have been indicted in connection with the bitcoin-funded hacking of Democratic organizations and the Hillary Clinton campaign "with the intent to interfere" in the 2016 election, officials announced Friday.

"The Russian government attacked our democracy in 2016, and the DNC was a primary target of that attack", he wrote.

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Trump is spending the weekend at his golf club in Scotland before meeting with Putin on Monday - a summit Democrats called on Trump to cancel in the wake of Friday's indictments. "Time for Mueller to end this pursuit of the President and say President Trump is completely innocent".

Rosenstein said Trump was briefed about the indictments earlier in the week and was "fully aware" of them before the announcement, Business Insider reported.

"I love the United States", Trump continued.

Negroponte, who also served as USA ambassador to the United Nations and is a former director of national intelligence, added that he believes the Trump-Putin summit should proceed, regardless of the indictments.

British Prime Minister Theresa May walks with President Donald Trump prior to a joint press conference at Chequers, in Buckinghamshire, England, July 13, 2018.

In the hours after the Justice Department's indictments were filed, lawmakers from both parties urgently called on Trump to confront Putin and to force Russian Federation to change course and to guard against another intrusion in future elections.

"We are resisting attempts by the Americans to impose their decisions on the most sensitive problems of Palestine", Russian news agencies quoted him as saying in translated remarks. The White House seized on those points in a statement that offered no condemnation of Russian election interference.

"Today's charges include no allegations of knowing involvement by anyone on the campaign and no allegations that the alleged hacking affected the election result", it said.

Putin looms for Trump after reality-bending visit with U.S. allies
He called on the special counsel to "end this pursuit of the president and say President Trump is completely innocent". After the indictments were announced, Democrats were quick to urge Trump to cancel the meeting.

Announcing the indictments, Rosenstein bemoaned the extent to which the Russian Federation probe has divided Americans along partisan lines.

"The Russians are nailed".

"The open question is whether Americans were involved in this and will they be charged". I would call it the rigged witch hunt ...

"When we confront foreign interference in American elections, it is important for us to avoid thinking politically as Republicans or Democrats and instead to think patriotically as Americans".

According to the indictment, a U.S. congressional candidate in 2016 requested stolen documents from the Russians posing as Guccifer 2.0 - who then "sent the candidate stolen documents related to the candidate's opponent".

This including sending emails disguised as Google security alerts containing links to malware, which they then used to steal passwords, track computer usage and monitor banking information.

Aleksandr Vladimirovich Osadchuk was a colonel in the Russian military who led Unit 74455, which operated out of a building in Moscow referred to as "the Tower" by those in the GRU and handled the release of stolen documents, according to the indictment.

"In most cases, a couple of hours between heads of states that haven't seen each other for a time and discussed things properly, you can't achieve much in several hours".

America's indictment of Russian hackers underlines the cyber risks facing USA politics
Earlier, while speaking with 7News, Stone said he has no problem admitting that he did speak to somebody who called himself " Guccifer 2 .0", but doesn't think it's a real Russian hacker.

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