Trump greeted with protests during first United Kingdom visit


Trump greeted with protests during first United Kingdom visit

Despite Mr Trump stating that he feels the British people "like me a lot", there are a number of large protests planned for his visit, with a giant balloon protest grabbing headlines.

The president's comments come as the prime minister prepares to release her controversial Brexit white paper which will confirm that Britain intends to remain in a single market for goods with the EU.

Mass protests are expected to greet Donald Trump as he arrives for his first visit to Britain as president.

More than 50,000 people have signed up to demonstrate in London on Friday when protesters intend to fly a large balloon over parliament portraying Trump as an orange, snarling baby.

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That turmoil includes the resignations of May's Brexit and foreign ministers over her plan to retain close ties with the European Union after leaving the bloc in March.

The US Ambassador to London, Woody Johnson, insisted last week that Trump's itinerary was not intentionally designed for him to avoid encountering throngs of protesters.

On Friday, demonstrators are expected to gather near Chequers, the Prime Minister " s country residence, where Prime Minister May and President Trump will hold a working lunch.

Asad Rehman, 51, one of the organizers of a massive protest planned for central London, said that among the motivations behind the protest was to show solidarity with Americans across the Atlantic who also oppose Trump.

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In a statement ahead of Trump's arrival, she said the visit would focus on trade and strengthening defence and security ties, saying there was no stronger alliance than Britain's "special relationship with the United States".

On Wednesday, the Guardian newspaper reported "the United Kingdom police mobilisation for Trump's visit would be the largest since the 2011 English riots", when London was shocked by five days of violence and unrest, with wild scenes of looting and arson, met by mass deployment of 10,000 police. "I don't know [if] that is what they voted for", he added.

Donald Trump, 72, is about to visit the United Kingdom for the first time since being elected president in November 2016, and the British people aren't prepared to give him a warm welcome. After a dinner for business leaders in Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill, he will spent the night in the ambassador's residence in north London. After arriving in Great Britain Thursday evening, Trump and the first lady will dine with May and her husband at Blenheim Palace.

But the environment secretary said he was not sure he possessed the "diplomatic skills" to bring Mr Trump around to his way of thinking. But she also warned Trump not to ignore the "malign behaviour" of Moscow when he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next week. She also said that it's an opportunity to strengthen cooperation on security.

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They will then meet the Queen for the first time, at Windsor Castle, before heading to Scotland where the U.S. president will spend the weekend at his Turnberry golf course in Ayrshire.

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