Trump Hits EU Trade Barriers and NATO: ‘We’ll Work Something Out’

Trump Hits EU Trade Barriers and NATO: ‘We’ll Work Something Out’

Trump Hits EU Trade Barriers and NATO: ‘We’ll Work Something Out’

The spending many times more than any other country in order to protect them", Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, adding: "Not fair to the U.S. taxpayer. One senior European Union official said the number is more like 15 percent.

"We do have a lot of allies, but we can not be taken advantage of".

"We've had violent falling outs over Libya, Iraq in 2003, but it's qualitatively different in that the biggest of the allies doesn't just have disagreements with us, but actually seems willing to walk away", Valasek said.

In comments likely to alarm Mrs May, Trump acknowledged the "turmoil" facing her government but said he was nevertheless looking forward to "an interesting time" when he visits the United Kingdom later this week. Hill sought to place Trump's policy decisions into a coherent whole, they said. "But above all, when you meet President Putin in Helsinki" on July 16, Tusk said.

On his own trip to the United States earlier this year, Johnson said that Trump could be eligible for a Nobel peace prize if he pulls off a nuclear disarmament deal with North Korea.

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Last month, the USA raised fears of a trade war by slapping tariffs on steel and aluminium from the EU, Canada, Mexico and other U.S. allies. According to European Union statistics, the EU's trade surplus in 2017 was $140bn (€120bn; £106bn).

In the past few weeks, Trump has sent sharply worded letters to the leaders of several European countries, including Germany, Italy and Norway, as well as to Canada, urging increased defense spending and warning that the US was losing patience.

Mr Trump has been pressing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries to fulfil their goal of spending 2% of their gross domestic products on defence by 2024.

How much do countries spend on defence then?

Member countries are anxious that Trump will spurn them and threaten to unravel the organization, their fears stemming from the G7 meeting last month.

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Trump also took aim at what he indicated were trade inequities with the EU on Monday in an indication he will attempt to link the US commitment to European security with trade.

European Council President Donald Tusk has insisted that the United States has no better ally than the EU. Underpayments by European nations have been contentious since long before Trump started complaining about the problem-especially following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, when many nations began to slash defense spending.

Trump has even called into question Nato's principle of collective defence - under which an attack on one member draws a response from all - for allies he feels are not paying their dues.

New figures published on Tuesday showed that only seven European NATO countries - Britain, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and Romania - would reach the 2.0-percent spending target in 2018. (Putin did in fact work in the KGB.) "You know what", he said, "Putin's fine".

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