150,000 Flee Daraa towards Jordan, Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks

Damascus and Moscow are pushing for a deal that would see regime forces take over the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan and deploy along the frontier with the Golan Heights, he said.

"It's inadmissible", a negotiator in the rebel-held part of Deraa city told Agence France-Presse.

The number of people who have fled Syria's southwestern city of Daraa to the border areas near Jordan and Israel due to fierce Assad regime attacks now stands at some 150,000, Syria's White Helmets civil-defense agency said Friday. Two ambulances carrying injured Syrians crossed into Jordan.

Near the Golan Heights, scores of newly displaced raised banners in protest.

"The last sessions were today", said Bashar al-Zobi, accusing the regime and its Russian ally of wanting nothing but "surrender and injustice".

The latest area is in Daraa Province where a string of towns and villages in Syria's Dara'a province are recaptured from foreign-backed militants.

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Yasser al-Khatib, of the activist-operated Nabaa news, provided a similar estimate.

On Thursday, Israel's army said it had transferred humanitarian aid, including 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby food, three pallets of medical equipment and medicine, and 30 tons of clothing and footwear.

Jumana Ghunaimat, spokeswoman for Jordan's government, briefed reporters after the prime minister's visit, defending Jordan's position not to open the border to the fleeing refugees.

The military said it would be sending armour and artillery to the area. Israel has said it's a major priority to prevent Assad from winning the Syrian War, though it seems likely Assad's government will survive. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the plan was still evolving and he was not authorized to discuss the matter with the media.

Israel's leading newspaper Jerusalem Post has reported that fleeing Syrians near the Golan have pleaded for Israel's help.

The transfer on Friday night was the product of communication between local Syrian leaders and contacts in Israel, who arranged to take the injured into the Jewish state for treatment.

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Addressing the Israeli cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had apprised Russian Federation and the United States of its position on the developments in the Golan, alluding to a separation of forces agreement with Syria after the 1973 Middle East war that created a buffer zone patrolled by the UN Disengagement and Observer Force (UNDOF).

On Saturday the regime retook eight towns under Russia-mediated deals.

The Observatory said the towns to return to government control also included Ibtaa, Um Walad and Eastern Karak.

He put the death toll at 20, saying women and children were among the casualties.

With the deals in Daraa, the regime has further chipped away at a U-shaped patch of territory controlled by the rebels in southern Syria.

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