Retaliatory Tariffs to go in effect Sunday

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Trump says his tariffs are created to protect domestic industries that have been hammered by an unfair global trading system. Canadian steel is used in American tanks, and Canadian aluminum in American planes. "Unions welcome the Canadian government's rapid response in defense of Canadian workers as an important first step in protecting workers and communities who will be adversely affected by this misguided attack on Canadian industry", said CLC President Hassan Yussuff.

Canada is set to put its retaliatory tariffs in place on July 1, Canada Day, and will remain in effect as long as the USA tariffs on Canada stay in place.

"Should the USA not change course, we would encourage the government to explore other retaliatory options, like expropriating American pharmaceutical patents and other intellectual property".

Canada, which buys more American steel and any other country, said that the US has a $2 billion annual trade surplus in iron and steel products with Canada.

"If they didn't, they could be accused of fiddling while Rome burns", he said.

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Last year, approximately 55 percent of Canada's total steel imports came from the US, with the remaining 45 percent split among Brazil, China, South Korea and Turkey.

Canada and Mexico initially were exempted from the United States metals tariffs - as was the European Union - but Mr Trump allowed the duties to take effect on June 1 after talks stalled to revamp the 1994 trilateral North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).

Tariffs on steel and aluminum products were announced earlier this year by the president.

"But I think that the president also believes that there's extensive tariffs assessed on American products overseas".

This adds to Canada's $16.6 billion of retaliatory tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other products from the USA, which will come into effect on July 1, 2018.

"We've got no choice".

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"If things go bad for them, they go bad for us", he said.

A banner adorns an overpass at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's steel plant in Hamilton, Ontario. "And I don't want to be a part of a celebration of their country's anniversary". "But we're not - we're going to tear each other down and we're going to destroy families, we're going to destroy an industry", he says.

Among the actions the chamber recommends are continuing to pursue the case through the World Trade Organization (WTO), trying to open new markets to Canadian goods beside the USA and making concessions to the Americans on areas such as supply management in dairy. The Canadian government plans to keep them in place until the US removes its tariffs.

GM, which makes many vehicles for the U.S. market in Mexico and Canada, said the tariffs could hike vehicle prices and reduce sales. The exports targeted by the European Union are worth about €2.8 billion annually, according to European Union officials. Trump has repeatedly scorned the deal and threatened to pull out, as officials from the U.S., Canada and Mexico have worked to renegotiate the 24-year-old trade agreement.

A small list of countries, including Canada, were initially given exemptions. Business people warned Canadian lawmakers this week that an escalation into an all-out trade war would be devastating to the Canadian economy, which sends about 75 percent of its exports to the US. That support has gone largely unused, as booming demand for lumber has overcome the higher costs of US -imposed tariffs for that sector.

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