Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell has 'no right' to fill Supreme Court vacancy

Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell has 'no right' to fill Supreme Court vacancy

Chris Matthews: Mitch McConnell has 'no right' to fill Supreme Court vacancy

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has often cast the tie-breaking vote between the top U.S. court's liberal and conservative judges, on Wednesday announced his intention to retire.

Trump is expected to replace the 81-year-old Kennedy with a young, more rigidly conservative, justice and lock in a 5-4 conservative majority on the court, a prospect that sent instant waves of panic throughout progressive America.

Soon after he was sworn into office in 2017, Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to succeed the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who had died a year earlier.

Cruz supports the the only non-judge on Trump's list, Utah Sen. The search, the president said, will begin immediately, and Kennedy's replacement will be chosen from the list of 25 candidates he considered a year ago, when he ultimately chose Gorsuch.

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Legal analysts say the order isn't very clear, and within hours, courts - including a federal judge in Boston - shoot it down. But their arrival was called off after Trump issued his ban and there has been little movement in their case.

Kavanaugh is a longtime Washington insider, having served as a law clerk to Kennedy and then as a key member of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's team that produced the report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Abortion is likely to be one of the flash points in the nomination fight.

Republicans, with a 51-49 advantage in the Senate, are planning to move ahead. John McCain of Arizona.

Denounced by Democrats and civil rights groups, the ruling has boosted Trump's administration as he faces intense opposition over his hardline policies on illegal immigration along the US-Mexican border. If the Senate divides 50-50, Vice President Mike Pence could break a tie to confirm the nominee. "I look forward to Wolf Blitzer in 2021, 'In the end, this Supreme Court case will be decided by the swing vote, Justice Meat Loaf'".

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He has cast the deciding vote in a number of historic cases, including the high court's groundbreaking decision in 2015 legalising gay marriage, a five-to-four decision for which he wrote the opinion. McConnell says the Senate will act on confirmation in the fall.

There were no outward signs that Kennedy was getting ready to retire.

Contrary to Matthews' fiery advice, Democrats in the minority have little power to block the nominations of the Republican president, unlike the Republicans who were in the majority when Obama was in power. "Anthony Kennedy kept the court up to date with where society was moving".

So if a new justice is in fact confirmed in September or October, will the saga actually affect voting in November?

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