Apple reportedly eyes September for AirPower wireless charger


Enlarge "AirPower wireless charging mat

Not only did the product instantly whet the appetite of individuals who wanted something that was capable of charging multiple devices wirelessly at once, but it also upset those who were a little less than enthusiastic with Apple's extremely open for interpretation timescales of release. Hidden in that piece was an interesting tidbit about the iPhone X's development process, which indicated Apple considered removing the wired charging system altogether.

The device was slated to be released in June 2018, but it will now likely be released either before or in September of this year.

Apple engineers are reportedly busting their butts to make sure AirPower doesn't overheat. Speaking to a journalist, an anonymous source said that one of the main reasons behind the delay in the release of the AirPower is the risk of it heating up.

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The Apple AirPower stands out for being the only Qi wireless charger that can charge up to three devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, the accessory wasn't quite ready with Apple saying it would be offered sometime in 2018 but as we welcome the summer solstice, AirPower still isn't available.

Apple has introduced wireless charging on a range of products, including the AirPods, Apple Watch and the iPhone. Moments earlier, Apple unveiled had the first iPhones that supported wireless charging, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8. The report adds that company engineers have been working to squash bugs related to the on-board firmware. In fact, Apple is yet to release the wireless charging case for the AirPods as well.

That's because the technical hurdles involved have proved to be greater than Apple initially expected, sources speaking to Bloomberg claim.

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This isn't the first time Apple has experienced delays in launching products in new frontiers.

When an electric current passes from the mains through the coiled wire, it creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet. The flawless trio being: an iPhone, Apple Watch, and an AirPod case. Eventually, the company hopes to remove all ports and buttons on the iPhone, according to people familiar with the company's work.

It needs to be ideal if Apple's longer-term ambitions for wireless charging are to be cleanly executed, mind.

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