Trump says Melania’s Jacket was aimed at "Fake News Media"

US President Donald Trump has backed First Lady Melania Trump who was recently criticised by world media for wearing a jacket with a "message" on its back.

First lady Melania Trump wore a jacket with a surprising message on it when flying to a migrant children's shelter in Texas on Thursday.

"It's a jacket. There was no hidden message", Stephanie Grisham told the Associated Press.

The jacket is made by Zara and costs $39, according to the Daily Mail.

First lady Melania Trump with artwork of an American flag while visiting the Upbring New Hope Children Center in McAllen, Texas, June 21, 2018. Melania's white ensemble echoed what female Democrats had worn to protest Trump's first address to Congress. Others saw the pantsuit it as a quiet nod to Hillary Clinton, who favored white during her campaign.

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Jessica Tarlov argued that the president actually wants this type of coverage to dominate the news cycle, so he can criticize the media later for reporting on the jacket instead of her visit.

On Wednesday, the president said it was his wife and daughter Ivanka who had urged him to end the policy of separating parents who had tried to cross the USA southern border illegally from their children.

"She wanted to see everything for herself", Grisham said.

The first lady thanked the staff for their "heroic work" and asked them to reunite the children with their families as quickly as possible.

Mrs Trump donned the controversial jacket on Thursday, emblazoned with the words: "I really don't care, do u?". All she had to do was show that she was a caring, compassionate human being.

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Bipartisan domestic as well as global outrage followed the release of photos and reports of young detainees housed in cages in Texas, as well as audio of young detainees wailing for their parents from whom they had been taken.

RAICES is a nonprofit in Texas that provides free or low-priced legal services to aid migrant families with immigration proceedings. She looks good in clothes and lets the audience imagine whatever meanings they prefer. It's selling a black T-shirt for $40 and a black and olive green bomber jackets for $98 - both boasting the message "I Really Care, Don't You?"

Earlier this week, the president signed an executive order to end these separations though the government hasn't specifically said how they will process those families who have already been separated. While the visit itself may have shown that she cares about what's taking place, following her husband's missteps (perhaps this is too lenient of a word), it was the jacket she wore in transit which will undoubtedly get most of the attention.

Did NOBODY think to tell her that wearing this was a awful idea??

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