Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in wake of Trump-Kim summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in wake of Trump-Kim summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in wake of Trump-Kim summit

Normally a conciliatory, charming figure, Justin Trudeau is being forced to transform himself into a kind of "Captain Canada" in order to fight a trade war with Donald Trump that has the potential to be as destructive as it is surprising.

Trump is particularly angry with Trudeau, especially after the Canadian Prime Minister called Trump's decision to impose tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel on national security grounds "insulting and unacceptable".

In tweets, Trump insulted Trudeau as "dishonest" and "weak".

The attack on a longtime ally and its leader drew sharp criticism.

Trudeau himself was nowhere to be seen Monday, taking a break after hosting the tense, three-day summit, to which Trump arrived late, left early and then upended with a Twitter tirade from Air Force One.

On 1 June, the U.S. imposed a 25% tariff for steel and 10% for aluminium on imports from the European Union (EU), Canada, and Mexico. Right after leaving the meet and Canada, Trump tweeted, "Justin acts hurt when called out!".

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised European countries for helping to bring about the North Korea summit, alluding to their enforcement of sanctions against Pyongyang.

A senior diplomatic source with knowledge of the discussions also said the photo captured an argument on the trade section of the communique.

He continued by saying Trudeau's comments are "not what true friends do" and added "I think Peter Navarro's commentary on Fox was spot-on". Among other things, she said the government should be preparing to keep pace with corporate tax cuts and tax breaks south of the border. He did him a favor, and he was even willing to sign that socialist communique.

Ries says it could take a while for Canadian consumers to suffer.

Let's get real here in past 24 hours President of the United States has been slammed by Justin Trudeau, Robert De Niro, Emmanuel Macron and John McCain. "That will not stand".

President Trump said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had "learned" from his decision to criticize USA trade policy even as he downplayed tensions that erupted after a recent meeting with allies.

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In this handout photograph provided by The Strait Times, U.S. President Donald Trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (unseen) during their historic U.S. -DPRK summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island on June 12, 2018 in Singapore.

Larry Kudlow, the White House economic adviser, also characterized Trudeau's remarks as a "betrayal".

"What I saw Prime Minister Trudeau say was, I thought, fairly benign and certainly didn't warrant any attack". Trump promised to be looking into tariffs on foreign automobiles in turn. Can't do it in person.

The prime minister said although retaliation "is not something I relish doing", he would not hesitate to do so because "I will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests". "I'm unconcerned about our capacity to continue to do what we need to do". From promoting democracy and to fighting terrorism, "we're on the same page".

But one United States official, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged: "The timing for all this is not very good at all".

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Rodman also traveled to Singapore for the diplomatic talks , which his agent, Darren Prince, previously confirmed to CNN . One of them, Foal Eagle, involves field maneuvers, with about 11,500 USA troops and 290,000 South Koreans participating.

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