Pompeo says North Korea could get ‘unique’ security guarantees

Pompeo says North Korea could get ‘unique’ security guarantees

Pompeo says North Korea could get ‘unique’ security guarantees

He went out of his way to be cordial during two summits with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in April and May.

The official wasn't authorised to discuss the plans and insisted on anonymity.

Crowds looked on as images aired of Kim disembarking from the Air China flight and shaking hands with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday. As the site for their meeting, the two leaders have chosen one of Singapore's most luxurious hotels, the Capella Resort on Sentosa Island, a popular vacation spot off the southern tip of Singapore and home to Universal Studios Singapore.

Experts on North Korea say that the shortened meeting time leaves nearly no room to forge a path for Pyongyang's "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization", or CVID, which the US State Department was promising just last week.

His leading role may signify the Korea-centric view that North Korea takes of these interactions. Positive results would do away with the need for South Korea to have to choose between "solidarity with the US" and stability in the Korean peninsula.

North Korean-US Summit
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A USA ambassador to South Korea during the Obama administration, he led the advance talks with North Korea in the border village of Panmunjom.

North Korea has changed its narrative in recent months.

Less than an hour after his arrival at Changi Airport yesterday afternoon, Kim Jong Un and his delegation drove straight to The St. Regis, where security has been ramped up over the course of last week.

"Prime Minister Lee complimented the bold and admirable decision by Chairman Kim and President of the United States Donald Trump to come together for this Summit".

The daylong summit will also include a working lunch and a larger meeting involving aides to both leaders, the White House said. "I said maybe in the first minute", Trump said.

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Asked Saturday about his goals, he said: "Well, I think the minimum would be relationship. You would start at least a dialogue, because, you know, as a deal person, I have done very well with deals".

He's also repeatedly expressed his support for a meeting between Trump and Kim - even offering to facilitate it or serve as an ambassador of sorts.

Pompeo, who shifted to his current role in the spring after serving as Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director, spent Monday morning preparing with his top advisers, aides said.

A man in Seoul, South Korea, watches news footage of a North Korean missile launch in May 2016.

According to United States think tank Stimson Centre's North Korea Leadership Watch website, she has served as an aide and interpreter at key nuclear negotiations in the past, and other high-level DPRK foreign interactions, including an August 2009 trip to Pyongyang by former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

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With the North Korean side notorious for weird antics and sudden walkouts from diplomatic meetings, it remains anyone's guess how Tuesday's face-to-face will ultimately play out - even as most analysts agree that Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim are both driven by domestic political motives to make it appear as a major success.

That may be even more important to Trump in the wake of the disastrous G-7 summit.

But Pompeo has refused to answer reporters' questions about whether the two governments had reached agreement on how to define denuclearization, and how it might play out. North Korea has spent decades building up a nuclear arsenal at great cost. "Kim wants recognition for North Korea as a country, recognition for his family's right to rule it as a personal fiefdom and, ultimately, recognition of North Korea's status as a nuclear-armed power", the newspaper writes.

Trump, however, has invited pressure and left little room to achieve more than what he suggests is realistic. He told reporters, "I will know, just my touch, my feel".

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