Trump throws G-7 into disarray with tweets after he leaves

Trump throws G-7 into disarray with tweets after he leaves

Trump throws G-7 into disarray with tweets after he leaves

Leaving the Group of Seven Summit for Singapore, President Trump tweeted that he has instructed USA representatives to not endorse a joint communique issued by the G-7 leaders.

"The prime minister said nothing he hasn't said before - both in public, and in private conversations with the president".

Trump set the tone before leaving Washington on Friday. "Whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run". We have to change it. "And we charge nothing", Trump said. The EU is also attending.

Russian Federation was suspended from what was then the G8 after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Trump throws G-7 into disarray with tweets after he leaves

Trump arrived late for Saturday's meeting during the Group of Seven summit of leading industrialized nations being held in Quebec. "We focus on other formats", TASS quoted Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying.

"Maybe the American president doesn't care about being isolated today, but we don't mind being six, if needs be", Macron said.

A picture of US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel displaying less-than-friendly body language has turned out to be a defining image of the contentious meeting of the G7 leaders of the world's advanced economies.

Trump's tweets about not signing the communique were sent while he was in travel to Singapore ahead of a planned diplomatic meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. "And we don't want there to be one", Macron said.

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Before heading to the summit, he had engaged in a bitter back-and-forth with both leaders over Twitter, criticizing Canada and the European Union for their unfair trade practices.

The Charlevoix G7 summit was marked by sharp disagreements over Mr Trump's decision to impose higher import taxes on aluminium and steel imports.

Officials have conceded the mood at the summit will likely be exceptionally tense.

Trump, who repeated that his tariffs are meant to protect USA industry and workers from unfair global competition, told reporters he had suggested to the other G7 leaders that all trade barriers, including tariffs and subsidies, be eliminated. Some countries have retaliated with their own levies on United States imports.

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That has financial markets anxious about tit-for-tit escalation that could tarnish an overall rosy global economic outlook.

On Canada and the summit: "It has worked out to be so wonderful".

It was not immediately clear where the new round of aggression would leave the two leaders and their mercurial attempts to find trade peace. I think it would be good for the United States.

That means he will have left Canada by the time the other leaders begin closing news conferences likely to be laden with criticism of Washington's trade and diplomatic policies.

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Canada is now adding the tariffs to its list of deal breakers on NAFTA.

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