There ‘May Be a Big Red Wave’

Nearly 100,000 cast early votes in New Mexico

There ‘May Be a Big Red Wave’

Democrat Gavin Newsom won Tuesday's primary in the race for California governor and Republican John Cox finished in a strong second place, ensuring Republicans won't be shut out of the race to replace retiring Gov. According to NBC, Trump's approval has been inching up among Trump voters, Republicans, rural voters and whites.

California 48 in Orange County was one of the more competitive races. Half the voters surveyed preferred a majority Democratic Congress, with 40 percent preferring a Republican one. Democrat state Sen. Kevin de Leon and Republican James Bradley are now running two and three.

Neither party immediately appeared to suffer major setbacks.

Given the state's unique election laws it will take days to sort out its competitive races and determine winners.

Thanks to redistricting, a Democratic and Republican House incumbent were forced to face off, and the Republican won. That's where things get dicier for Democrats, who may not have much margin for error in their quest to take back the House. Dianne Feinstein did win her party's nomination Tuesday. Four Democrats managed to draw more votes there, total, than the eight Republicans running in the traditionally GOP district.

Much of the day's drama focused on women, who fought to make history in some cases and to avoid disaster in others. The pair will face off in November. There are two interconnected findings in the survey that suggest the Republican vision of what voters think about Trump and the GOP may be somewhat misguided. And as Democratic support among white voters - especially evangelicals, and especially non-college-educated people - has gradually eroded, it has gradually made Iowa more hospitable to Republicans, who won a very big midterm victory in the state in 2014. Among the top Democrats is Michelle Lujan Grisham, a congresswoman who'd be the second Latina state chief executive. In South Dakota, Congresswoman Kristi Noem won the Republican gubernatorial primary, making her likely to become South Dakota's first female governor.

Francine Karuntzos, a 57-year-old retiree from Huntington Beach, California, said she has deep concerns about the Republican president - particularly his recent declaration that he could pardon himself.

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The overwhelming majority of women who ran were on the Democratic side of the aisle, she said, where they have a high likelihood of winning this fall if they're running in largely Democratic districts. He added that JCN plans to brief House Republicans on its survey.

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez won a spot on the ballot with slim margins for an incumbent senator (62% to 40%) after barely escaping bribery charges a year ago over hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts he received from an eye doctor now convicted of fraud.

Maybe moderate Democrats will be fed up with job-killing environmental rules, sky-high taxes, a lousy business climate and all the other nonsense the left has imposed on the formerly golden state.

"We're engaged in an epic battle, and it looks like voters will have a real choice this November - between a governor who is going to stand up against Donald Trump and a foot solider in his war on California", Newsom told cheering supporters at his victory rally in San Francisco's Mission District.

It was a different story in MS, where 66-year-old Gladys Cruz wasn't sure which Republican she would support in the state's Senate primary, but she wants whoever wins to firmly support Trump. "He will make a BIG difference!"

NBC points out that 44 percent is a similar approval rating to those Ronald Reagan (in June 1982) and Barack Obama (in June 2010) had before their midterm elections, in which both parties lost significant seats in the House.

Because of California's unusual primary system, all candidates appear on a single primary ballot, with the top two vote-getters regardless of party advancing to the November election. That allows the possibility of two candidates from the same party qualifying. That's up from the 7-point lead Democrats held in the same poll in April.

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This Orange County district is held by incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher, noted for his ties to Russian Federation.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress. The second spot remained up for grabs.

Women have been increasing their presence on the political front lines since 2016, in large part in response to President Trump's election.

Trump will not be on the ballot this year. Neal Tapio, has called for an end to the Native American reservation system in the United States.

In the House races, Democrats are focusing on seven districts now in Republican hands that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and could flip again this year.

Several results were encouraging for Inland Empire Republicans seeking to keep a once-red region from turning full blue.

"He was already mayor of Los Angeles and I saw him do a lot for the Hispanic community", she said after casting her ballot.

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BEN NORTON: With the results in, however, it appears those fears were exaggerated, and it looks like numerous key races pit a Democratic against a Republican.

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