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CDC: Suicide rates on the rise in almost every state | TheHill

Suicide rates up across US and Utah, but mental health may not play primary role

"These findings are disturbing".

Every state except Nevada experienced a significant increase in suicide rates from 1999 through 2016 with Oklahoma ranking in the top 10 per capita, according to a Centers for Disease Control report released Thursday.

Almost 45,000 Americans took their own life in 2016 alone.

"We know this is about an illness and as people get sicker and sicker and close to suicide, they can't communicate to everyone very logically, very clearly - 'here's the step I'm going to take at this time and in this way, '" said Reidenberg. Indeed, the report found that more than half of people who died by suicide did not have a diagnosed mental health condition at the time of their death. "Other problems often contribute to suicide, such as those related to relationships, substance use, physical health, and job, money, legal, or housing stress".

The numbers shed light on just how bad the problem is, and how many loved ones were left blindsided. Facilitator of Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana Colleen Carpenter asked. "However, with the right community support in place, we can better reach those who might be feeling hopeless and alone and connect them to help", Bob Gebbia, who works with the Action Alliance and is CEO of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, said in the Alliance's statement.

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If you're anxious about how to start the conversation, Lieberman offered some suggestions.

In Hawaii, rates went up about 18-percent from 1999 to 2016.

According to CDC data, suicide increased among all sexes, ages, races and ethnic groups. But Dr. Joshua Gordon, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, said that contradicts years of data, suggesting many have "gone undiagnosed and untreated".

The study also comes a day after Netflix announced plans for a third season of its hit series "13 Reasons Why", which focuses on a high schooler's suicide.

Densely populated East Coast territories tended to have the lowest rates: Washington, D.C. had the lowest measured, at 6.9 suicides per 100,000, followed by New Jersey, New York, Massachussets, Maryland, Connecitcut, and California. A study by the Journal of Psychiatric Research found prescription opioid misuse was associated with a 40-60 percent increase in the risk of suicidal thoughts.

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The CDC report recommends such an approach, with involvement from government, public health, health care, employers, education, media and community organizations.

Mental health experts with the CDC say suicide is rarely caused by a single factor. "We also have to help people learn how to cope". Even if you think you don't want to get involved or don't want your friend to be mad at you or if you're the one suffering and don't want to be talked out of it or feel insecure about asking for help.

Remove firearms, alcohol, drugs or sharp objects that could be used in a suicide attempt.

The CDC said "everyone can help prevent suicide" by learning the warning signs, reducing access to lethal means, such as firearms and medication, and by contacting the national suicide prevention hotline, 1-800-273-TALK for help. All calls are confidential and anonymous.

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