Rumour: Fallout 76 Release Date Could Be July, According to Leak

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Tens of thousands watched this bobblehead stand around until the next day when a teaser trailer was unveiled for Fallout Vault 76. Luckily, New California finally has its release date - with Bethesda's blessing, so we're clear there, but what about Fallout 4: New Vegas? .

Early on in the Fallout 76 trailer, viewers spot a Pip-Boy with the date 27 OCT 2102.

The product page leak showed that Fallout 76 is actually planned to come out on 31 July 2018.

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Kotaku further states that the sources did mention that the game would still have a single player story and quests like in a normal Fallout game.

So we will code that ourselves the hard way, and provide a lot more support in optimizing the engine side of things. Tues., Oct. 30 is another good candidate.

According to Fallout lore, Vault 76 was one of 17 "control vaults" with standardised living conditions - i.e. not subject to social or genetic experimentation - and its community kept safe underground while the Great War obliterated much of the American landscape and population. There's a trophy for a Halloween contest on the wall, and eagle-eyed viewers can even spot a Jack-O-Lantern on the shelf in the bedroom.

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One big hint that Vault 76 will be dropping this year comes in the form of a documentary set to release on June 12. In October alone, the video game industry will see the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, and Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, which is set to release on October 26. Bethesda may hedge its bets and wait a bit before releasing Fallout 76 into such a crowded retail month.

The fan-made game has been designed as a modified version of the New Vegas release. For one thing, the game may not need to rely too heavily on mods if it includes, for example, a dynamic online world.

The studio has now been re-branded as Bethesda Game Studios Austin and is reportedly assisting in the development of Fallout 76, which makes an online multiplayer experience look all the more likely. Fallout 4's launch was slightly later, arriving on 10th November, 2015. This has now been changed to the much more vague December 31, 2019.

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